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[General Discussion] Desolate Sea Main Quest Guide / Atlantis Part II MQ

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Desolate Sea Main Quest Guide / Atlantis Part II MQ

Hello, I just decided to post the guide anyway for consistency.

- Generally easy for most parts with a decent and updated mage
- There are TIMED quests in one part so if you kill slow in this expansion, you need to buff up as needed
- Care on killing bosses randomly, you'll need many of em throughout
- These mobs are way more reasonable compared to the Celestia ones

I. Legend of Yatiss
0. Get the quest from Puji in Palm Base 69,95 (LOL, why here IGG?)

1. Go to Shaw in Deep Trench 209,74

2. Collect 3 materials from Day Starry, another 3 materials from Green Gator (chance drop)
Care bosses nearby

3. Return to Shaw

4. Repair the Bridge beside shaw at these spots:
Entrance 209,70

Center 222,61

Exit 237,51

5. Report back to Shaw

6. Defeat 200 Silver Sentinel

7. Report back to Shaw and claim rewards (26.5m gold)

II. Menacing Deeps
1. Collect 1 item from Night Starry (still in Deep Trench) (chance drop)

2. Talk to Orion in Ancient Rift 95,151

3. Go BACK to Deep Trench and collect 4 more item from Night Starry (same mob)

4. Return to Orion in Ancient Rift

5. Place the 4 materials in the following Dark Zone spots: (Coordinates are in the quest log)
Map reference-





6. Defeat 200 Angler (NOT Mean Angler)

7. Report to Orion and claim rewards (28m gold)

III. The Sunken City
1. Go to Desolate City and talk to Gem Knight 20,13

2. Defeat Red Eliana (BOSS) 46,86

3. Report back to Gem Knight

4. Inspect the 3 Gem Steele's at the top side of the map (IN ORDER) I II III

5. Defeat 200 Yellow Protector beside you

6. Talk to Damian (beside the Gem Steele III) and claim rewards (29.5m gold) 205,156

IV. Mecha Cup

1. Go to Abyssal Arena and talk to YE Trainer (If you are not ready to kill mobs, then wait first) 113,97
If working together as a team for the 30 min challenge, report at the SAME TIME so the timer doesn't go wasted.
Before starting this continuous quest, check first if Mystic Snail boss is up. You need him at the end.

2. Defeat 100 Azure Beast THEN Report to YE Trainer

3. Defeat 120 Golden Beast THEN Report to YE Trainer. Care boss nearby w/ AOEs

4. Defeat 140 Green Snail THEN Report to YE Trainer

5. Defeat 160 Violet Snail THEN Report to YE Trainer (Care boss nearby: Mystic Snail, YOU NEED HIM LATER-- you will lose the challenge if he doesn't respawn on time)

6. Defeat Mystic Snail (BOSS) and DISABLE AB AND SHAPESHIFTS-- see note below--before the report to YE Trainer to claim reward (32.5m gold)

7-- you get transformed into a Yatiss Elite Shapeshift (I don't hink you need to be in this shapeshift to talk to the next NPC for the quest. I had one character that didn't have the shift to talk to the statue and it went fine, but idk more fun that way loool)

V. Holy Trials
1. Go to Poseidon Shrine and talk to the Poseidon Statue 99,148

NOTE: Idk if this quest is technically timed (using the shapeshift timer, so just finish the quests in time, there's no reporting needed in between the challenges for this one

2. Defeat 200 Brutal Nymph. Do NOT kill the Betwitcher boss nearby, you need her later.

3. Defeat 200 Little Snake

4. Defeat Bewitcher (BOSS)

5. Return to Poseidon Statue

6. Defeat Poseidon's Shadow (BOSS)
NOTE: Dumb me forgot to take a photo but I think this is a SUMMONED BOSS, not sure. It spawns right in front of the Poseidon Statue. It looks like a merman with a trident and gray red flippers. Looks nothing at all like the black robots near it, so you can easily distinguish.

7. Report to the Statue and claim rewards (32.5m gold)

VI. War Preparations
1. Go to Deep Prison and talk to Produs 23,10 near entrance

2. Defeat 200 Mordant Beast

3. Defeat 200 Moody Merman

4. Defeat 200 Red Protector

If you're wondering how to get to the other side, here:

5. Defeat Lair Witcher (BOSS) 175,169

6. Report to Produs and claim reward (34m gold)

Congratulations! You finished the main quest. Total gold reward about 200m idk still lazy and bad at math lmao.

Happy questing y'all -storm-

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I was planning of making the celestia one but I guess I was too slow
However I have something for desolate sea:
This screenshot was when desolate sea came out
After killing Poseidon's Shadow and reporting the quest, you get this buff that gives a lot
Just don't die because it goes away when you die like the fruits and potions you get from bosses, and you can only get this buff once for the last quest

Posted on 2022-06-14 02:12:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hope this helps for how the poseidon looks. I took it mid combat few years ago lmao.