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[General Discussion] Angels Online Automation

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Posted on 2021-06-01 03:18:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys, about 1 year ago or so i created a software to help me with the insane lag and dc issues i had while playing Angels Online and prevented me from upgrading at a faster rate to enjoy the game more.

So what is this software and how does it help you ?

Supported Legal and Illegal servers: IGG / ALO TW / Ang***vp / Ang***own

QuickLaunch Clients
Taskbar Stackable and Individual Clients
Memory Usage reduction
Profiles to save Login Settings
Auto-Login -> Chooses Channel -> Chooses Character -> Enters Pincode
Relog on DC
Relog on Crash
Claim Online/Daily/League War rewards easily
Turn on AB options after login.
Track Gold Across all accounts
Track Gold per hour
Track Session gold
Track Gear Hardiness
Track Free Bag slots
Sound and Flash notifications for farmers
Item Pimper tool
and other smaller things

So here i am sharing the link to the discord of the program, since thats the only way to obtain it in a secure way.

For 1+ years now the software has been proven to be secure with 250+ community members and over 400 all time users.

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