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[General Discussion] Angels online needs to be fixed

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Posted on 2021-02-05 20:05:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

We're all aware of this, we're not blind. 

    This game is on a decline and has been for a while. Angels online was such a unique and special game when I was a child. The art style, the combat, the music, I loved it all. IGG killed it with their greed, focusing on a greedy pay to win game style. Firstly, can I just make a rant on how bad of an idea that was? The majority of players for Angels online, at least in the NA, were kids and teens. Pay to win mechanics are not very interesting to kids and teens. Quite frankly, me and most of my friends were just into the cosmetics and pets which we weren't even aware had pay to win stats attatched to them. It was just such a foolish, dumb and greedy marketing decision to not realize that they should've gone totally free to play with this game. I can go on and on and list all the bad decisions IGG made with AO, but it's kind of pointless, they've already been made. 

   The proof is in the pudding when I say, they can look at their game and how much money they make and admit themselves they made a mistake when it came to the marketing and development of this game. It's only been downhill for them. This game could've been as big as maplestory considering it attracted similar fans, but it wasn't because at least maplestory realized how to actually market to their auidence and not make pay to play mechanics so unnatractive. It sure did decide to go down the exact same way as maplestory though, aka devs that just want money and stop caring about their player base. IGG is basically prolonging Angel Online's life span by adding cheap mobile game type monitization strategies for new players (If you're not aware: Mobile games' biggest strategy is to get you to spend money within the first hour or so of you playing, because after that point, you'll probably lose interest because the game actually sucks), IE: Newbie packages that give you busted stats to catch up instead of just adding well developed free ways to catch up a character.  

   IGG is well aware no new player is going to want to stick around and play their game. It's confusing, poorly devloped and only veterans know what's going on. Most of the new players are just people who have played before and most of them feel lost because so many mechanics have been reforged into a disgusting pay to win mess. It's a gross marketing strategy to be quite honest. The only other reason this game is still going (I should specify, this is all specific to IGGAO as I haven't played other versions of AO) is because the whales (btw not insulting to them) are so attatched to this game that was once so charming and magical that they won't just admit this game sucks now and move on. I'm with them in a way. it's hard for me to move on. Every few years I come back just to pretend like things didn't go wrong. They've killed this game, they've killed a game that brought me so much joy in my childhood, but honestly, we, as a people, need to stop supporting these lazy developers. We're better than this guys.

  IGG has competition, you can leave and play on a private server now. I don't think the private server is for me personally because it's too pvp focused and not enough pve focused, but you can leave IGG. You don't have to support these people who are abusing you. No one is happy with the current state of the game, let's be real, so don't let IGG manipulate your nostalgia and fond memories for money. If they want to stay lazy, we can just move to devs that aren't now that there are private servers. The only reason I'm trying to get you guys to leave is because sometimes it takes someone else letting you know you're right before you take the step. Yes, this game sucks, yes they messed it up and yes, the devs won't fix it. You will never get that feeling you first felt back, stop clinging on to IGGAO.

  If IGG wants any players to stay, they should have to earn it. They are not earning it in the current state of the game. Trust me, you can find a game better than this, more fulfilling than this, stop supporting these devs.

  My suggestion to IGG: If you want to fix this game, you'd basically have to restart it. My suggestion is to relaunch the game from the very beggining, before all expansions, before everything. You need to rebuild this game from the ground up with player enjoyment being your core value, not pay to win mechanics. You need to update the code a bit so there's more content options. You need to take out every single cash shop item that gives any sort of stats and just make your monitization model cosmetic focused. You can keep furniture in the cash shop, but let people level up their houses in a free to play way and make all that furniture cosmetic focused. You can add interactions with the furniture to make it more appealing, like letting us sit on couches. I'm sure a large majority of your playerbase, especially old players, would come back to this rebirthing of the game. I'd even pay a subscription for it. You can find plenty of free to play supportive focused monitization models that work way better than what you're doing currently. Pretty much all of the biggest games in the world use a free to play or at least pay once (or once a month) and play model where no items in the cash shop give any sort of advantage. Also, make producer skills availalbe for all classes as life style skills that most mmos have. Keep angel baby, but add ways to kill people who run more than 5 clients to sell gold for real money, that's unhealthy for the game, that's part of why maplestory died. Add a robot class that can fight. Allow people to have up to 5 free characters per account and then allow them to have up to 3 of those accounts open at a time. This allows people to play around with classes and a lot of people enjoy farming multiple areas, but this makes sure no one is extreme farming. Buff gold and drop rates to make some things more obtainable, but also still keep some things super rare because that's always been part of the charm of this game to grind for super rare things.

  Will IGG take my suggestion or anyone elses? Probably not, but hell, I'll take my own god damn suggestion. 

  IGG, the best thing you can do, or any worker at IGG if you're reading this, is give us the server code once this game dies. Let us fix the game you ruined. And to any people who work under IGG, please know that I am aware that you guys are not responsible for the downfall of the game. Corporate decisions are probably what did this, not a bad balancing team. Seriously though, who thinks, "we have a pretty popular game going, what if we use a marketing strategy that will surely kill the fanbase instead of trying to copy more successful games marketing strategies?" I will say Angels Online is an originally asian mmo and a lot of those just setle for pay to win mechanics, but I have no idea why they kept those same mechanics in a place that hates pay to win mechanics. Seriously, I don't know a single person in NA that supports pay to win mechanics.

  You could've gone for a smart marketing strategy which is basically just the upgraded version of pay to win which is league of legends model: You could've made new classes but only allowed people to play them if they had enough of a certain resource but you can also unlock classes through actual money. This is just an example, not saying it's the best one, but it's one you could've done that's still better than anything you've ever done. It still earns you money but also keeps your free to play audience. Idk you guys are just really dumb in your marketing and idk what to say other than please tell me you fired whoever killed this game because it costed you a lot of money. Imagine if league locked certain champions behind a pay wall and you couldn't play them no matter what unless you paid... Yeah the game would've died, that looks so unnatractive to players. Instead League just keeps people around until they're so commited to the game that they want to support it. They turn their free to play players into supporive players.

  But seriously, if any people that feel sorry for the fanbase work for IGG: Try to get us the server code once the game dies or even earlier than that. We'll just make our own game. If any AO fans are passionate enough to reverse engineer the game... go for it, please.

Posted on 2021-02-06 14:05:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

The real reason we have AO is ..... Well I don't know because in IGG 2015 investor report they told us. 

"•The Group’s R&D resources has been allocated to mobile games and mobile related software" 

"•Strategically, the original browser and client-based game business will be maintained without expansion." 

Let me try to translate this a little better R&D (Research and Development) has been allocated (moved to other games, I assume platforms) As you may notice this is about the same time we started to lose support like LS, GM in game and other AO Programs. Maintained with out expansion. 

So I honestly don't know why we still have AO, Part of me says IGG is being loyal to its older players and then there is another part that says no IGG just milking the players, in the end no matter the reason just enjoy the game when you have it because nothing last forever.

Alan J. Mackie
Posted on 2021-02-08 09:07:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

How about someone buy some IGG share in stock market and attend their Annual General Meeting, grab a chance to get the answer from their management team?  Like when they going to shut down AO, future plan...

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The game is broken and dead, the only thing we can do it's submitting some ideas and suggestions because referral friend system doesn't exists.

Let's take an example.

You, the creator of the topic and some of the players that comment here.

We all know HOW TO PLAY this game.

But everyone that get an first contact with the game doesn't know what he will do. "What the Hell I am doing here? I have logged IN but what I need to do? (after a while he discovers the create cht button) ok, now here are 3 npcs to choose. And keep going..

But the problem is: for a NEW PLAYER, this game is hard AND for some of us it's hard too, the maps are dead, the progression system of this game is fucked soo much, if they don't renew the game that keep years giving updates the game will die.

Take Neople as reference. They keep updating Dungeon Fighter, ok, but almost every year if you start a new character ALL THE THINGS CHANGED so you need to play again BUT with a new progression AND IT'S LINEAR, isn't AO progression.. LV 1 -> LV 50 -> 100 -> 120 -> 140 -> DAILY EVENTS UNTIL MAX LVL OR PUCHASE THE LEVEL UP BAG IN ITEM MALL,  A NEW PLAYER CAN'T LEVEL UP BY HIMSELF if he doesn't have leveled a Healer, an Armorsmith and Weaponsmith too, oh, a Technician too.


IGG wants money to get the game running(obviously), when the no-money time comes, it's obviously that they will shut down in some months.

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Posted on 2021-02-15 15:23:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

Fabio11, In 2015 AO is less then 1 % of IGG's income, 2021 it probably cost them more to pay someone to manage this forum than the money they make form AO. Explains lots...

Alan J. Mackie