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[General Discussion] ALO expansion #24 - Fairyland/Sequioa 2

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Posted on 2021-01-28 01:23:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

This time ALO released expansion way later than usual.
Normally it takes 40-45 weeks for new expansion but this time, 54 weeks.
Most likely due to Covid Pandemic but ALO2 had 1 expansion and a sub expansion to that.


Newbie Box: No new one as usual.

Last year, at level 401, you unlock a new skill slot. 
This year, at level 420, you unlock a second skill slot.

Skill prices:
1. Lv 210-240 = 526m - 684m
2. Lv 230-260 = 602m - 774m
3. Lv 240-270 = 642m - 822m
3. Lv 260-290 = 728m - 922m
4. Lv 290-320 = 871m - 1086m

Entrance: North West of Joaquin in Sequioa Expansion.

A closer look.

Overview of Fairyland/Sequioa 2

Skills. Can be a disappointment or exciting. :)
Had to split into 2 due to its large size.
Right click to open bigger image.

Link to new expansion tour: #24

Link to new skills video: Click this youtube link to see new skills

You will know why no instance video.

As for skill video, I will make one dedicated to it.

Life is meh unless you want to bind all of your enemy in war and you and your team can run to crystal and hit it.

240 wraith has niche use. Does not always slow you.
240 chaos interrupts your movement with static shock. Not a Thunder Fury (80 chaos) replacement.
290 chaos can proc Ember Brand mark. Stacks with Soul Corral.
240 earth has decent buff. Self aoe hits quite hard.
290 earth I would say not ideal as it has 2s cast time.
240 sword is a direct upgrade from Sword Requiem.
290 sword stacks with SoK and Strangle Strike. Affected by Antilock.
240 axe a direct upgrade to Find Weakness. Every 2 second it will automatically give better attack buff. Once it hit third stage, your next single target axe stance is a crit with twice the cast and delay.
290 axe... long cd and does NOT stack with Holy Pummel.
240 spear buff will override Extended Shot V buff.
290 spear stacks with Rapid Strike.
240 bow is just a better Steel Rain with lower CD and more buffs. Does NOT stack with Steel Rain.
290 bow is Explosive Shot with straight line AoE. Stacks with Explosive Shot.
240 sb is similar to 145 sb AoE. But is almost like an assassination skill.
290 sb is similar to Shadow Strike (172 sb) with an AoE hit after a small delay. Stacks with Shadow Strike.

240 grapple... difficult to notice the extra damage as it hits along side with other skills.
Here's me using Deadly Combo (Lv 100 sb) with the buff active. The 800k damage is from deadly combo and 900k is from the buff.

230 Reserve will be most useful for warriors in pvp after reviving. Rank IV will give full sp bars after 15s.
230 Finesse sounds like twin core in ao igg lol.
260 Meditate & Hit, I have yet to test them
210 Assault has 2 speed bonus. You get more MS under sneak along with melee dodge rate.
250 Clone has at least double the base effect compared to the previous Deceptive Clone. Stacks with Deceptive Clone

That's all.

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Does the grapple buff work with all weapons? Does it stack with other trigger skills like mind's eye and blade field? If it does, finally spear mains get some love :v

Posted on 2021-01-28 07:08:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, that first npc is that it raises you instantly to level 180?

or this expansion will not have that event

Does anyone know when the next expansion will be?
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thumb up for shaki (y) i love shaki <3 thanks for sharing

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Posted on 2021-01-29 17:40:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for answering me.
Hey, about when will it be in ao igg? 

I'm new, sorry for the obvious questions xd

Does anyone know when the next expansion will be?
Posted on 2022-05-14 11:47:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Bumping this for everyone to see