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[General Discussion] Pure Assassin?

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So I was interested in making a pure assassin class, now as far as I've been able to tell, pure classes are pretty trash. Is assassin an exception to this? I've seen some people say yes and overall just mixed information. 

So my question is: What king of things is a pure assassin good for if anything at all?

Thank you :D

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My opinion Pure sin is the only pure anything that is still 1/2 good for now, they did for some reason nurff the sins. Pure assassin are good to hit a mage with "Remove Magic" however sin suffer from low HP and are not hard to kill.

Alan J. Mackie
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Do not listen to Alan, he is 150% incorrect.

EVERYTHING he said is incorrect. Not just 1 part.  I guess he said "they nerfed sins" but he spelled it horrible so its wrong either way. 

On to the important part. From a person who actually knows the class. 

Pure Sin is not good. AT ALL. Sins have 0 defensive capabilities in pvp other than avatar, even with avatar you get 1 hit. It serves no purpose even when you waltz. Avatar is beyond useless for sins, and will never serve a purpose. 

IF you want to play sin in its BEST current form for pvp, you use Shadow Waltz. Spam that shiz over and over. (End game) Shadowblade, Reserve, Assault are the parts that are needed for this. The other 2 skills and the armor skill is interchangeable(cept for garment, thats bad) If you do not want to die to mage rebound go Shadowblade, Reserve, Assault, Shield, Axe. Which also has the added benefit of axe buffs for more attack, axe crit, and defensive spells. Note - You will not be able to reliably use Assassination skills as that requires Grapple. This is for Waltz build only. 

Assassination Build(Can use waltz and combo with other assassination skills) - Shadowblade, Reserve, Grapple, Assault, ANY SKILL, Mantle. This is my Goto build for this style. You will have all the essentials to be able to assassinate, and have 1 slot free to choose another skill. Axe works here so your assassinations crit more often(very high dmg) and you get attack buffs. I like Spear because it gives bloodlust(SP regen skill), attack buffs, and % damage. Your defensive stat is agility for leveling. Slot your armor with agility and no regular melee hits from pve content will be able to hit you. When I did this, no melees from any mob in the game would hit me, even elites. Boss spells can still hit you though. 

Here is the link to my guides youtube channel -

Here is a link to end game sin leveling setup -

There are other related sin videos on there. Take a look around and see if any are helpful.