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[General Discussion] Help for New Player (not a returning player)

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Posted on 2020-03-25 01:47:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey everyone, I'm pretty much new to the game. A friend who played years back recently introduced me. I have some few questions for the experienced or whoever decides to hear me out. Thanks in advance.
Before answering here are some info about my playstyle:
-keeps angel baby auto farm on during sleep
-f2p for now
-not gonna go pvp (maybe ever?)
-i dont mind the grind since everyone's in lockdown anyway

1. What is the best skill combination for questing/leveling/gold farming (non-PVP)?. Could I bother you with explaining as to why a certain skill is swapped with the other: benefits of this/drawbacks of that. 
\Im mainly interested in the story or character progression and map exploration\

2. Is making a "healer account" to follow my main damage dealer worth it in the long run?, If so, what level does a pure life mage loses its worth? If not, what is the best solo, non-PVP skill set? 

3. Making in game money seems to be hard even with the use of angel baby auto farm methods. Here are some methods I tried as suggested by my friend: a. Auto-farming so long as i don't die even with broken gear; b. Farming in training arena, selling HP pots, banking MP pots for skill leveling; c. Questing; d. Begging (i know :(). What is the most effective gold farming methods per level range? (1-30, 30-50, etc. or use your own range)

4. I'm already aware of the Log-in rewards, AL buffs, and pre-60 training area. Are there any other tips anyone can give me for power-leveling? 

5. Finally, pets. I'm not sure calling it an investment is appropriate, but as a free-to-play (im still considering whether or not to use real money) is investing in basic pets (fire,water, etc) worth it? What I mean is, the time for leveling, exp sharing system, even the space taken by food in bag, the emotional baggage if they die and run away. \In consideration of the overfed pet buff from pet feed freely given\

6. I'm trying to understand the concept that comes with the catchable pets. But I cant get my head around it. Should I even try and understand it if I will remain a f2p? Will the pets be beneficial in the long run? Exclude the achievements and other benefits aside from having pets.

I know this is a lengthy post but I hope an experienced player can find the time to help me :). While there are alot of guides out there, most guides for newbies are similar to the guides given by the growth box. I've seen the guide index in spotlight but i cant use it for now since I'm only starting out.

Posted on 2020-03-25 05:10:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

There's plenty information regarding your questions on the forum already.
Use the search box and the official sticky threads.

i will not lock this thread. But next time, please use clever wording in your search box in the upper right corner of the forum.

Posted on 2020-03-25 10:01:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Earth|wraith|assault|reserve|axe|vestment
Axe is your main weapon, learn Primal roar & berserk fury for farming purposes.
Earth helps to regenerate mana, Assault lowers casting time of all your skills\magic and adds movement speed (but I prefer curse), Wraith helps to not pay for repair equipment.
Reserve adds 8 more sp bars + more damage from critical attacks + bunch of crits = bunch of sp, allows to use advanced sp costly axe attacks.

2. No, not worth it, but someone else will tell you more.
4. Daily events could provide you lv120 in short timing, but I suggest scream some bad words in trade channel, so someone add you in party to levelup to 150, but get some Superwing.

5. Some npc around Angel tutor would provide you with free hammers to open first slot for pet stat system, other then that catch one boss pet common\good\rare\awasome\Super, pet feed him to +8 & lvl it to 120 and put there and forget about it.
Do not ever catch or use pets from npc or lower then 31+ lvl, get Critical pet, you could or better you should to.. observe some very usefull stuff in

6. Do not try for now, to expensive, get some cheap Nature egg for 1-8m, lvl it to 115 nice = 15% defense buff for 40min.

p.s. I am here only couple of months.

Edited: 3. Try to circle for boss hunt, to drop a skill worthy bunch of money ( some of them may worth Extreme money), they are 40-55 lvl Thunder ruins(kill all three)> Mysterious wetland(all, but exclude Sexy quli)> Foggy forest( all, except Lizard) .. make your own circle after that.

Edited for last time: About 1) You are new, you are hobo, nobody helps unless you asks, so I say take curse instead of Assault be independent, Curse instantly lowers your casting time of spells by 50%, axe cast irrelevant u still can kill steal mobs from casters and in long Run lv270+ curse provides you access to cast reduction spells.