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[General Discussion] Coming back after 8 years

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So I played this game almost 8 years ago and for the longest time I forgot about it and decided to come back. Im downloading the game while writing this post and have 0 idea what is the first thing to do other than creating the character. Yes, I do plan on spending a tiny bit of money to enjoy the game more. BUT seriously, what to do first?

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Buy the new newbie box and start grinding and experiencing the game from the very beginning I suppose.

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Buy the Bearscape-Newbie Box
Buy for help the Angel Growth Chest 
The Angel Growth Chest (Not as the same as Newbie Box for lvl up as one click)
but can help's too

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After you create a character and enter Angel Lyceum, you can talk to Skill Angel (alt + m) to change your skills if you want.

Where to receive buffs in Angel Lyceum:  Merger Angel (near Cupid), Astrologer (outside of Magic Professor) and Blessing Angel (southwest)

Defeating monsters or collecting materials that are lv 21+ can give Straws that can be exchanged for buffs and rides at Green Angel outside of Battle Professor.

Graduating from Angel Lyceum and starting the quest automatically given to you is a good way to explore the game.  You don't have to do it if you are already familiar with the maps though •ᴗ•

Healer in the faction cities sells Ring of Angel Wings that you can use to teleport to your renascence place/Cupid

Icons under the mini map
Daily Events give a lot of experience for new characters, but the skill level would be disproportionately low... I'm not sure if you would mind the gap or not.
You can add items to the Album to increase your character stats

and there are icons around the MP bar ●ᴗ●
let me know if you'd like more details about them *✲゚*。⋆