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What about Pandora? :angel:

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Ooooh another forum event! I love it :D

Here's my monster screenshot along with my cute pet  <3

~In search for magical purple hue flowers among the rest is an adventure itself~

 And here's my Aurora's scenery screenshot :D

~*Aurora's is not only know for being the Light Faction but also known for their specialty pumpkins!*~

~*Time to harvest!!!*~

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Question about "A photo of your stuffed toy" are we talking any stuff looking toy in game and does it only apply to furniture in our house system? :3

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What is your memory or memories of Angels Online?

My best memory of Angels Online is from way back when AO was still fairly new and 

It's when I got my character to lvl 60 because that was the furthest I have progressed.

A screenshot of scenery in the Aurora faction

My favourite scenery in Aurora is the Castle Gate 

because it makes feel like i'm in a Fairy Tale of some sort

What fruits do I enjoy eating?

I enjoy eating Melon and Honeydew melon 

because they're like sugar in a form of a fruit

Why did I play Angels Online?

I played AO because I got curious about the gameplay and 
I find the artwork/design of the game to be cute

What sort of ice cream do I like?

I like soft served mint chocolate chip ice cream

What character traits do I like in a person?

I like a person that have a Good Sense of Humor


pls be nice
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Argh! I would LOVE to win a ride and/or pd set. But I am extremely busy, let's hope I can get something in on time! *_*

Thank you for this event though! It's great to see these player made events. Would be exciting if more joined (though that means less likely to win a reward for me XD)

Pegasus and Chronos
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For your favorite pet in the ENTIRE universe..... I want to guess a little blue bear from the pink beast egg :D

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Oops sorry for the late submission, I got extremely randomly sick yesterday so I ended up forgetting about it completely....

Even if it's too late, I'd like to share this anyway because I love revisiting AO memories.

What part of Angels Online do you like?

The Music!

The music of AO was literally 50% or more of the reason why I played the game. I randomly stopped playing for a year, but one day while I was walking, the AO theme popped into my head. I became so obsessed with it the whole day I decided to re-download AO!

What is your favourite backpack?

The Bag of Recall! It brings back so many old memories again. And it's just a cute mushroom.

What is your memory or memories of Angels Online?

Too many. Doing Magic Kitchen Path, fighting off Beezlebub. Training in Golden Beach killing Puqi crabs. Farming in Floating expansion, training in Candyland, trying to talk and add friends with G-Ms (I SUCCESSFULLY FRIENDED cutesusan!!) Training in Snowland, Pharaoh, everywhere oh reyhejwiorjuhewklm. Running around Bazac in the event where he spawned outside city, killing asmode THERE'S TOO MANY. but here's a picture I used for Shy's event just cause it's a fond memory of Palm Base for me 

A screenshot of a monster

Of course as a musician I have to choose Mr Beethoven here.

A screenshot of scenery in the Aurora faction

What is your favourite ride?

Round Spot Seal? I think I recall you using it.

My Favourite is the Rose Demon unicorn ride.

What is your favourite pet in the entire universe? ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

Well SweetnSour already said teddy so I'll have to guess something else. This one :)

oh my god I'm having a heart attack I can't find my pet T_T Here's one from AO Wikidot...MBCed Nature Flower Pet! Aroma Seed!

If you mean what is my favourite, it's either the Aroma or this Teddy Pet "Spring Puffball"

For Chronos

What pet have I always wanted?

If you meant what pet did you always want, then again  hehe

What is one my first pets?

Mine was a level 1 evolution Huskee (Brute Egg) .. My very very first one though was a water elf if I remember correctly.
I'm guessing yours is the beast egg Blue Teddy hehe

Pegasus and Chronos
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Any updates for the event. I believe deadline  was change towards next week correct?

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FallnAnge3l's Spring Puffball looks like it has an umbrella to protect them from the rain ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒