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[General Discussion] AB pet raising

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Posted on 2019-02-05 01:29:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all. Will auto training with AB (nice all throughout) affect the outcome of an attck type teddy? I am thinking of using AB because i am confused on the 3 choices that come up when the pet levels up as to which is nice though mean is quite easy to figure out. Tyia

Posted on 2019-02-05 04:00:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes thats possible. However, u need to be careful with leveling it past level 35 and 55 because any levels that will have gone past that level before MBC and ABC have been used, will be raised as random. With one or two levels the outcome will not change but if this happens with more levels u can end up with a different pet

Chuckles (Pandora) lvl 335
Posted on 2019-02-06 02:04:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks. One last question :  of the 3 options in raising a pet one is nice and the other one is  mean, is the last one nice  too? ( 2 nicw 1 mean?)