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[General Discussion] The official thread for newcomers.

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hi guys, i'm also new to the game, for now i can't invest money, any tips? is it worth to make producers characters? also, what's the best skills loadout? thx for the answers! :):P

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Hello folks, I am kind a new here, actually played AO from 2009 to 2012 in Gaea server.  I am thinking of returning. I was also active on the forums by the name vegetakhanf1 I think. Are there any players from that era?

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Are bots allowed?

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About lvl60+ pets fusion into my main pet (he is Abc'd elf lv121 1.4 star, no intens):

1) Assist pet intensification won't affect star gain from fusion and only natural stats matters, right ? same as fusing weapons...
2) And someone saying "Spell attack is best at lvl 120." "Spell defense is best at lvl 79."

3) So, the best way to get my pet 3 stars is fusing lv79 no ipf, only for correction to stat gain + it's better be caught boss.. for bigger stats ?

4) Oh, is that true if my pet to high level he will get less stats from fusing low level pets - like lv60 to lv122 ?

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A question, im a new player but i played it before but i stopped at that time but im playing it again, what is the best build for farming money/gold ? Because i want to farm like 30m or more a day with 1 account and a buffer account to buff my main account.

And where can i farm money on the best location?
I was told in jurassic map

But i need to know what best build is for afk farming money...

Thank you!

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axe is good for farming just get rumble barrage and berserker fury and you're good

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Hi, im a new player abt 70 something. I just find out abt this hybrid class yesterday. So may i know the best build for tank/fighter/bow/mage/assasin (pve&pvp) . I really want to know more about this game because i think this class game system is kinda fun and creative. Can some1 please help me... Im using the default class and i find it boring and less dmg. Please help me.

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this is my page of youtube that you need if you dont know how to use the AB and how to setup in diferrents characters and skills.
if some of this videos like and help you please give me a like and follow me for make more videos and thanks you.

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Hi everyone!

I am a veteran player (I guess). I quit like 7-8 years ago. Just came to see how is the game going and I am kind of dissapointed. The good old times are gone, when everybody was spending hours to get stronger. I am still kind of confused of the new things tho. I still remember the times when max level was 70. When I left it was around 180.
So my question is (I am not sure yet I will play again the game, but if I do) : Is there somebody who can help me with tips and everything to gain back my strength. Right now I am level 150, pure swordsman. I heard about a box that can level me to 250 + S class sets, skills. Can somebody help me with that out? I can't find that box at Item mall + I don't know how it even looks. Or if somebody has it. Kind of hard to believe some things are so expensive now. Like hbs were 6m back in my time. Still can't remember the acc of my healer tho xD