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[General Discussion] The official news, updates and patch notes thread.

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Posted on 2020-09-01 06:41:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Might as well let you guys know the last maintenance was canceled therefor no update.
Next maintenance will be held this Thursday.

Posted on 2020-09-03 03:41:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

Weekly Server Maintenance on Sep 3rd 

Issued On: Sep. 2, 2020

We will be bringing all the servers down for our weekly maintenance from 1:00AM - 4:00AM EST (GMT-5) on Sep 3rd.

Posted on 2020-09-03 04:52:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

Back To School 2020 

Issued On: Sep. 3, 2020
[justify]1. During the event, the NPC [Minerva] will be added to the Angel Lyceum in [Server 1] to provide details about the event and prize draw.
2. Players can purchase [Lyceum Gold Coin 2020 (Cost: 49 Angel Gold)] at the Item Mall to take part in the prize draw hosted by Minerva.
3. During the event, players can purchase 50 [Lyceum Gold Coin 2020] for 2200 AG and 100 [Lyceum Gold Coin 2020] for 4160 AG. This offer is available daily at [8:00-11:00] and [19:00-22:00].
4. Minerva has prepared a ton of exotic items for the prize draw. The higher the number of participants, the greater the chance of winning the grand prize!
5. Get the [Lyceum Scroll] by defeating monsters of Lv21 and above, or by collecting materials in maps. Collect them to exchange for the [Lyceum Lucky Bag 2020] and other items with Minerva.
6. [Lyceum Silver Ticket 2020] obtained during the event can be used to exchange for event rewards with Minerva. The more you have, the better the rewards![/justify]

Posted on 2020-09-03 04:55:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Looks like a new spam event with 330 items and a couple of pig pets.
I got the Boss Pig.

Posted on 2020-09-03 05:28:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Game Adjustments
Issued On: Sep. 3, 2020
A. Event Title
Game Adjustments
B. Details
1. The Piñata Frenzy event has ended. The NPC will continue to provide prize exchange for a week.
2. 33-star Lucky Hammer, 33-star Lucky Enhanced Pestle, 33-star Lucky Piercing Hammer, and 33-star Lucky Ride Feed are now available. Runestones are now available at Lv 330.
Look for [Fortunia] at the Angel Lyceum for more details.

Posted on 2020-09-29 10:00:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Maintenance is cancelled for October 1st and October 8th.

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