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[General Discussion] The official news, updates and patch notes thread.

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Expansion Teaser~ Part 2

Angels Online V22 Volume 2- Quests and Stages
<Past, Present and Future>
When did Galaxia appear? What kind of danger is Galaxia in now? We must discover this by exploring...
Main Quest 01: Puff of Chaos
No. 1474 type Main quest/non-repeatable
requirement Complete [Space Cowboy Quest Expert] location/quest giver 4 main towns/raydia
  Everyone has been curious about the [Munol Battleship] since it crashed on Eden, and time has not diminished that curiosity. A powerful [Teleporter] was built, causing a massive force wave to sweep the land when it was turned on. What dangers does this hold for the inhabitants of Eden...?

<Twinkling Melancholy and Ambitions>
[Galaxia] is a land far away from Eden. Just what kind of chaos befell it? Could the entire land be the manifestation of chaos itself? No matter what, we must help as much as we can! To understand Galaxia better, we should learn more about its inhabitants and brace ourselves for the challenging quests of the [Galaxia Palace]!
(1)Palace Lobby
The trial begins when you step into the Galaxia Palace. Players need to prove their utmost sincerity by defeating every monster before they can advance past this sacred ground.

(2)Pyre Corridor
Beware the fearsome monsters with destructive tempers and powers who lurk in the scorching [Pyre Corridor]. Watch your step as you want to avoid the flaming tiles that reduce your HP. Advance quickly before your HP runs out!

(3)Fuming Smithy
After the dangerous [Pyre Corridor] lies the [Fuming Smithy], where [Hephaestus] awaits. The deity of fire will show no mercy to the disrespectful, so keep your cool when going against his crazy infernos!

(4)Olympus Woods
The [Olympus Woods] may seem tranquil compared to the chaotic [Pyre Corridor], but do not let your guard down as even the most gentle breeze can become a destructive cyclone. A cyclone will blow you to random spots on the map and reduce your HP. Avoid these cyclones as you defeat the monsters!

(5)Holy Post
Defeat monsters to advance through the [Holy Post]. Get the [Elemental Crystals] from the goddess statues located in the [Pyre Corridor] and [Olympus Woods], and step on the glowing panels in the [Holy Post] to proceed to the [Aural Hall].

(6)Aural Hall
Do not become overconfident because you reached the [Aural Hall]! This is the [Zeus]’s territory, where intruders are destroyed to maintain order. [Zeus] summons the power of his children [Athena] and [Ares] when injured, which boosts his powers. Observe [Zeus]’s movements and defeat him with your power and wits!

(7)Dark Den
After clearing several stages, we finally reach the [Dark Den], where Ominous Oriel awaits your arrival! Ominous Oriel hates angels and demons, and has closed her heart after the heavy price she paid in the past. Defeat Ominous Oriel to restore peace to Angel Lyceum and Eden!

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Expansion Teaser~ Part 3

Angels Online V22 Volume 3-Servers
<Era of Convenience>
Players in various regions have been struggling to quickly travel to another area. The Archangel Michael decided to close the teleportation channel to avoid any issues that might arise due to the process of teleportation.
But human intelligence is not to be underestimated. The Archangel Michael appointed an Intel Angel to study the Prospecting Device after its invention, and they have successfully optimized the feature, allowing players to switch servers!
However, switching servers is risky, and potentially affects the servers of other players. Therefore, the teleportation channel will remain off-limits in some areas. We shall refer to this feature as "changing servers" and further elaborate!
<Changing Servers>
Go to [System] (Esc). Several tabs can be seen below the [Sound Settings] tab, among which is the icon for changing servers.

After clicking on , the box circled in red will appear. Select either option to proceed to the respective server.
For players to use this feature without issues, the Archangel Michael has set the following restrictions:
1.Players cannot change servers while decorating or idling in their house.
2.Players can change servers at [Angel Lyceum].
3.Except in special circumstances, players can only change servers on [normal maps] such as: Blue Sea, Caroto, etc.
4.Maps that can only be accessed via a specific server are inaccessible via another server. E.g. Angel Elementary and Guild farms can only be accessed via [Server 1].
5.To avoid affecting other players, players cannot change servers in instances. E.g. Cloud-Top Land, Enchanted Sanctum, etc.
6.Players cannot change servers at the [Olympus Woods].
7.Players cannot change servers on special maps, such as: Asmode Den, Training Palace, Guide Palace, etc.
8.Players cannot change servers on special event maps, such as Realms and festival maps.

[Changing servers] is similar to [logging out] and [switching characters], and we have summarized the consequences of such:
1.Teams will disband upon changing servers.
2.If a player deals damage to a monster before changing servers, and changes back to the initial server afterwards, the damage dealt will be recalculated and the amount of EXP earned will also be different.
[Summons] will disappear upon changing servers.

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Expansion Teaser~ Part 4

Angels Online V22 Volume 4-Locations
<The Four Elements of Galaxia>
The air is heavy as we continue to explore [Galaxia], possibly a side effect of the [Prospecting Device]. Not used to being in a foreign land, things may not be as they seem...
But that does not deter us from appreciating [Galaxia]’s scenery. Elemental energy from the windy breeze, flowing rivers, erupting flames, and soil particles have created the following zones: [Whispering Hill], [Pristine Lake], [Magma Field], and [Rolling Sands]. The [Galaxia Square] emits a mix of the elemental energies and is located at the junction of the four zones.
  After appreciating [Galaxia]’s natural scenery, we travel to the land of knowledge, the Azure Archives. This place is full of mystery, and feels similar to the Daydream Library. Strong energy can be felt when you stand near the off-limits area...
  The Galaxia Palace emits energy that is even stronger than the Azure Archives. Stand in front of the Galaxia Palace and you can feel the energy of all Galaxia flowing slowly into it..

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Expansion Teaser~ Part V

Angels Online V22 Volume 5-Spells
<Star Summons: Powerful and Unique>
To survive, the inhabitants of Galaxia used the limitless resources available in space and created [Star Summons] to assist them in battle.
Name Type Icon Screenshot Description
Starlife Summon [Kami Terror] Life Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Starlife to cast [/c$2Kami Terror/c*]. Deals damage to nearby targets with a runic lightwave and knocks them backwards, with a chance to stun them.
Starwraith Summon [Oath Wrap] Wraith Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Starwraith to cast [/c$2Oath Wrap/c*]. Summons a linen wrap that attacks the target from a distanced and decreases the target's speed.
Starchaos Summon [Explosive Shell] Chaos Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Starchaos to cast [/c$2Explosive Shell/c*]. A giant fiery shell falls on the ground and explodes, dealing fire damage. Also burns the target, causing continuous HP loss.
Starfield Summon [Hyperspace] Earth Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Starfield to cast [/c$2Hyperspace/c*]. Creates a rip in space and attacks the target. Has a chance to weaken the target for a period of time.
Starsword Summon [Strangle Strike] Sword Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Starsword to cast [/c$2Strangle Strike/c*]. Unleashes a furious attack on a target. Accuracy is affected by the Anti-Chain Tactics skill. Boss monsters only receive half the damage.
Staraxe Summon [Holy Pummel] Axe Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Staraxe to cast [/c$2Holy Pummel/c*]. A divine blow from the heavens above. Deals continuous damage to random targets within a limited area, with a chance to stun them.
Starspear Summon [Armor Break] Spear Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Starspear to cast [/c$2Armor Break/c*]. Long-ranged attack on a single target. A powerful shot that has a chance to decrease the target's Defense.
Starbow Summon [Point of Convergence] Bow Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Starbow to cast [/c$2Point of Convergence /c*]. Long-ranged attack on a single target. An enchanted arrow stabs the target, dealing damage and knocking the target backwards.
Starblade Summon [Boneshave] Assassin Invoke the power of the stars and summon the Starblade to cast [/c$2Boneshave /c*]. A heavy, short range blow that deals massive damage to a target with lightning speed. Has a chance to silence the target.
※When using [Sneak] skills, the [Star Summon] will disappear.
*All details above will be finalized in the actual game content.

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The Angels Store’s 30% discount has ended.

[2020 Summer Strife-3rd Annual Melonfest] The Team Draw feature has expired.