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[General Discussion] The official news, updates and patch notes thread.

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Posted on 2021-02-11 05:29:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

Pet Spring Sale! 
Issued On: Feb. 8, 2021

A. Event Title
Pet Spring Sale!

B. Event Duration
Feb 18, 2021 (Thursday, after maintenance)Feb 25, 2021 (Thursday, before maintenance)

C. Participants
Every player on every server.

D. Details
Spring is here! To express our appreciation for your longstanding support, all Pet items will be on sale for up to 30% off at the Item Mall!

Posted on 2021-02-11 05:42:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

There will be no service and no updated between feb 11 and feb 17, because of Spring Festival.
All your messages you've sent to service center will be answered on the 18th of February and after.

Thanks for understanding.

Posted on 2021-03-19 12:55:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Per usual, I forget to update here, but everyone is free to do so.

A. Event Title
Join us and have fun in the March Area
B. Event Duration
March 4 2021 (Thursday, after maintenance)- March 25 2021 (Thursday, before maintenance)
Limited Time Event
C. Particioants
Every player on every server.
D. Details
1. During this event, NPC-Area Guide (159, 83) will be in Angel Lyceum to provide event details and item exchange services.
2. During this event, you can get the 7th online reward — [March Area 30-min Ticket]. This ticket allows you to enter the March Area for 30 minutes. Remember to use the ticket within 24 hours of collecting it or it’ll vanish.
3. During this event, you can buy March related boxes from the Item Mall and get 6-hour March Area tickets from them.
4. During this event, if you have collected enough 6-hour Area Tickets, you can exchange them for longer duration tickets via the Area Guide.
5. During this event, you can get March Pet Bonus Bags from the March Area. These bags will grant you various Pet Bonus Vouchers.
6. During this event, when you buy a 2020 Cancer Swordman Lucky Bag, you’ll get a March Area Gift. This gift will grant you a [March Area 6-hr Ticket] and [Lava Red Seal].
7. If your faction is [Heaven], you will not be able to enter this Area.

Posted on 2021-03-19 12:57:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

No. 14 Safe Egg on Sale
Issued On: Mar. 18, 2021
A. Event Title
              No. 14 Safe Egg on Sale
B. Details
1. Item Mall [Function_General] sale [No. 14 Safe Egg]
March 18 2021 (Thursday, after maintenance)
2.   adjust  the drops of  [No. 7 Safe Egg]~ [No. 13 Safe Egg]

No. 14 Safe Egg

Open it to get one of the following things randomly:
No. 14-Safe Key (Permanent) *1
Charm Gem Voucher *10
Lucky Enhanced Pestle Ticket *10
Ticket of Attribute Lucky Hammer  *10
Lucky Hammer Ticket *10
High EffectRecovery Notice *2
DeathNotice *2
Super Broadcasting *2
WitchFly Book *2
WitchSummon Book *2
Hypa Attack Scroll *1
Hypa Defense Scroll *1
Hypa Beat Scroll *1
Hypa Prevention Scroll *1
1 Billion EXP Voucher *2

200,000 Points Skill Bonus Voucher *2

Posted on 2021-03-27 11:14:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

April Fool Event - Find the Real Prince!
Issued On: Mar. 25, 2021

Click here for more information regarding the event.

Posted on 2021-04-06 13:31:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

start button doesnt work. i uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times. version is and still cant get into the game bc it prompts me with "unable to start" everytime i hit the start game button...

Posted on 2021-04-08 12:43:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Absolutely nothing new this week. :cwy:

Posted on 2021-04-20 04:05:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

2021 Sakura Viewing Event 

Issued On: Apr. 15, 2021

Click here for more information regarding the current event.