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[General Discussion] The official character build thread.

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Posted on 2021-01-24 08:19:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

I saw some people posted pvp mage build without curse and took staffhit/avatar instead ? don't you need curse to cast or vestment sufficient ?

I was thinking of life/chaos/curse/axe/hit/vest but not sure what else to go with it.
For lv100, assault necessary for pvp ? Left the game when atlantis newly introduced. sort of blurry.

Posted on 2021-02-04 00:52:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

Looking for a damage life/earth build I saw something with spear earlier. Need to know what skills and what weapons I need to have equipped to use it correctly. This build is primarily going to be used for PVE. Currently have life/earth/curse/assault/spear/vestment

Posted on 2021-02-06 07:22:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello!!!! Just wanna ask for - Sword Skill - what skill where you can recover Hp and also Mana at the same time in one skill?

Posted on 2021-02-06 07:52:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

My build is Sword axe reserve avatar assault and garment. What can u say guys? is it good or no?

Posted on 2021-02-12 22:40:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

Want to seek for advice the build for Wraith/earth/bow/avatar/assault/vestment is a good build for PVP or PVE?

Thank you

Posted on 2021-03-21 11:52:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone, I came back to the game recently after almost 8 years.
I feel that my main char skills builds is kinda obsolete so I need a refresh maybe using a Skill Crystal, so hope you guys can help me.

My current skills are Life/Chaos/Spear/Curse/Enhance/Vestment.

Any recomendation? I just want an easy char to play in PVE and sometimes in PVP since I'm not interesed in PVP so much.
I also have an pure archer, any advice for a good skills build to farming?