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[General Discussion] Saw this on facebook.

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Angels Online
Energy Research Center - Daily Adventure Logs

Using a relic from [Forbidden Sector], we finally got to explore the [Bottomless Pit], a place that was dubbed [The Unknown] for many years. Well, our team has always dreamed of exploring the Bottomless Pit. We’re all ecstatic to set foot in this place!

The sky rumbled from time to time. And Eliot said those were probably just thunders. Perhaps so? We were too preoccupied with our adventure to make sense of the noise anyway. Our journey has been smooth-sailing so far, although an ineffable uneasiness lingers on…

It’s Mid-Autumn today. I wonder what my loved ones in Dark City are doing now. Are they celebrating the festival? It’s a pity that I can’t join them for the occasion. By the way, the scenery in Bottomless Pit has been amazing, it’s absolutely nothing like how we imagined it at first. It’s neither scary nor creepy at all. From the look of it, I believe we will be able to gather valuable information here.

Oh my goodness! I’m not sure how it happened but the [Fanatics] had infiltrated us. Eliot did a shoddy job protecting the [Power Conduit] and consequently let in tons of trouble. Their intrusion greatly hampered the progress of our exploration…

According to Esmat, they are currently holding off the fanatics with the [Scythes]. It may seem peaceful on the surface, but it is still very chaotic internally. After a discussion, Captain Will, Troy, Marlene and I all felt that there’s definitely more than meets the eye with this one...

No, we need assistance! We have agreed to let Smith Buff head to Eden to seek help. I hope Smith Buff will be able to garner enough help for us…

-i dont get it.

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"The Holiday season has arrived yet again. Did you encounter anything interesting this year? Speaking of interesting, the [Bottomless Pit] excavation team seems to have some news! Maybe they discovered the rumored underground world?
        Archangel Michael has blessed Eden to help all Angels have a fun time on your adventures! From now till the new area can be accessed, all Angels can receive Triple growth!"

If it is exactly like it says here, then they will release the new expansion on December 27th.