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[General Discussion] Newbie Box 60 days Dilemma

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Posted on 2018-12-06 01:45:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Currently farming with a newly made char at forbidden sector wraith/chaos/staff/spear/assault/vestment and am now forseeing a dilemma that i may encounter.

For now, my main way to make money is selling Flamebranches and am wondering what to do after the event ends. Theoretically, when the event ends my character will farm at Forbidden Sector to gain 1 mil per hour (not counting drops.) Sounds alright, but, in 58 days the character will lose its gear and right now looking into shops at AL the staves are costing 2mil+ (I'm not sure if they're actually 2 mil+ or they're waiting for a mail offer. Im new to the game so im not too familiar with the prices.)

Using a formula, 1m x 24 means that i gain 24 mil per day. Then, 24m x 58 which means ill get around 1-1.5 bil in 2 months (not counting the drops.) Even if I do get a stave i'm not sure if my SA will be enough to still farm at Forbidden Sector (currently 22k.) And finding a league to gain free PD is out of the question since i only have 2 months.

I've considered my options. Feel free to tell me some ideas.
1. I could just buy another box for 1b and use that to either make a new character to farm or use the equips to farm again.
2. Stick with having lower SA and farm elsewhere.
3. Make a prod with a newbie box and make a weapon from it.
4. Olympus? I haven't tried it yet tho.
5. Maybe another farm area?
6. Another event might save me too. Hopefully one comes out.
7. I'm overthinking things and maybe things are easier than what I've predicted.

P.S. I'm still also in the process of buying lvl 4-5 skills. Already have Forbidden Curse 4.
I'm also not using my armor to farm cause of the repair prices.

Posted on 2018-12-06 02:18:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Make as many alt as you can.
Farm on lower level mapsm
If you plan to use that as your main then buy permanent equipment when you are able to. For now maximize your computer and log as many farmer as you can while your main does achievements. Start with the 4 main cities then dungeon so on and so fort.

Posted on 2018-12-12 17:19:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

How to start AO Guide 101
First getting atleast 400 or 1200 ag will save you months of hard work to get even started.
400 ag option make a wraith chaos mage if you want or any build you like and farm for 2 months :)

for 2 months you should get around 3b farming 24/7 selling drops with those 3b buy 3 more boxed and repeat.

1200 ag option Make 1 Main 1 healer 1 farmer (farmer should be axe/finesse/assault/reserve/earth/vestment)
with main when you upgrade the weapon for free you are gonna farm easy
with healer i need to be life earth and use gnash i think it was that will recover hp/mp and you will be able to farm real fast
farmer is gonna farm normally but not in high level zones more like silversnow or candy land

You will make astleast 30-60m per day average is gonna be like around 50m
5 *7 = 35 * 3 = 1b
farm for 1 month and buy 4 more boxes 4 more farmers
farm 1 month more 4 more boxes 4 more farmers
farm 1 month more buy 1 box for ur main and 2 more for farmers (healer will need a staff to farm if u want)
now go farm 240-250 normal and good axes pimp them to 20k and go farm in candy/silversnow with those axe farmers when 2 months pass and u have no boxes left

after atleast 3-4 months you will have an alt army (10 alts) making you 400-500m a day
atleast 30m per alt for 24 hours now with those 500m a day save up for a few weeks and search for good items you need, also buy your skills