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[General Discussion] New to the game or coming back! Now what?

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Posted on 2018-12-03 05:31:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello friends and welcome to Angels Online! 

I'm Jentastic, a long time player of the game Angels Online. I've been playing since 2008. 

I am in no way the most knowledgeable player, I'm not one of the top players nor interested in PvP. But the community does interest me and the game has always been close to my heart.

One of the things I've noticed is that some players have a hard time with finding a community to start their journey with. So I've therefor decided to start a league in Chronos server for this purpose. 

So what will I and the league be able to help with? I will be able to help with some small finances in the beginning of the game - I'm not talking lots of ingame items, I mean stuff to help - not make you rich. I will be able to advice on trades and help with them if necessary. You can ask me questions and if I can't answer, I can redirect to the forum or ask around to get an answer from other players. I can help with some main quests and other things. I am also someone you can just talk to, I am offering a starting place and wherever you decide to go from there is up to you. 

What will I not help with? I do not pvp. Any of you joining my league are free to pvp as much as you want, but I do not join. I will not help with AG or buying items for you. 

Who can join? Anyone! Even long time players wanting to join with an alt are welcome just to hang out or offer help. Even if you've started your character in another server you can join with an alt on Chronos just to get advice on how to move forward.

So if anyone can join?... Yes, anyone. No matter your reputation, age, country or server. If I find out you are scamming or tricking people, that's when you'd be kicked and not welcomed back. So it's a chance for a new start for all those with a bad reputation. 

What am I gaining on this? Nothing really. I am doing this for fun and because I want to give back to the community. 

What can you as an older player do to help? If it turns out that there's interest in having a league like this, then anyone who feels they have something they would like to donate to the league would be greatly appreciated. Low level gear, some old buffs etc. It would be put as league resources to be distributed. Nothing would go to me and if you'd want you can post what you give so everyone knows and there'd be no foul play.

I will start the league in a few hours and start ranking it up so there will be a farm as soon as I can.

Any suggestions on names for the league and what faction it should be in?

Ai steel here, donut know wai.
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Nice, although I'm from Pegasus, "Haven" could be a good name. It's like a league where people can find refuge, and maybe feel safe around.

Hope there would be someone dedicated to do that in Pegasus. Even if there was I feel that there isn't enough people around to keep the league active. (Active as in general chatting etc)

Pegasus and Chronos
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ohh some other guy been doing that for 1 year now just if you are in pandora use 1 broadcast and call out for help He. anwers you in 1 day mail or pm

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Hi Jane Margolis <3 id love to join for chat hehe let me know if im qualified :)

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also some people might already spam ag or have decent account would be waste so it would be wise if each server has good and active league , i have feeling the league i am in should be it for Pandora so y'all welcome if you already or choice a server that you want to start in.

Love kewlmahfarm xxx

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I’d love to join! Been thinking about coming back and starting from scratch so, this is perfect.

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I've decided to keep the alt-league I have going now even though it needs some more work until it has a working farm. 

It's name is Seraph and it's in shadow/dark faction. 

Information on bulletin will be added when I get to it.

I don't see a reason for making a discord since AlanMackie has one that is active and I'm a member in it 'Jentastic'.

Ai steel here, donut know wai.
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Great idea Jen. Everyone is welcome to hit me up in the private messages if they have any game-related questions as well. I know a lot of people already do this and that's why it might take a day or two before I can answer you.