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[General Discussion] Vanilla Server?

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I, it would be more satisfying to take totem and fight, many people would like that

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Can be nice an fresh server without this amount of expansions, with the old totem war system, old angel arena system, no stats fashions, only the world map/dungeon.

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A no AB server would be great for PvP

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No item mall stuff like stat buff,

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Thats going to be a dead server. Why? All will be stuck under lvl 100? Lvling a lvl 99 to 100 takes forever. Another thing, if yes indeed we can level to 280+. Thats so gonna be so annoying picking up buff after another and worst is, how many times do you need to press fkeys to fill up your hp/mp? There's a reason why AB was made and it was made for the better. Lastly. Best of luck buying skills farming using your pets. AG would be like 100ag/500k? And skills are like 1b each. So yea your idea is a dead idea

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I think ab should be compulsory ab is just too wonderful so unique personally for me I hate doing same stuff grinding grinding so I let ab do the grinding n others like boss hunt, questing with friends , chatting n trolling in Al that's where the fun is at

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This is nice, i would want a new server without item mall. Well igg might not consider that coz they wont earn with it. New server that is grind to win would be fun. But AB should be there though. And yeah fashion stays fashion (without stats) in the server

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My thought/opinion/insight on this vanilla thing.

  • Since alo released a new server (in May 2018) that disallow the use of and exp voucher, skill voucher, newbie box, enc pd, lots of people actually came back and played to the point where other 2 servers became somewhat inactive. Server 1 is always yellow and had red/purple. 

  • Even forcemick from nisroc during the Desert-Candy era? came back too. Idk who else that I know of (i think alan played since that long ago but sofiel instead?) from nisroc still plays so yea. I found him because i recognize his picture that's similar to his old picture.

(Translation in case you need it.)
Me: 你人是不是forcemick? (are you by chance somebody that's called forcemick?)
Him (米克 = mick~): 你怎知道 (how do you know?)
(2 lines of face expressions.)

@wearehaniel tbh idk why would anyone complain about being stuck at 99-100 when HB/Farm/Daily give insane exp. o_o

  • If what alan said "no boost pack" just means no newbie box only, leveling would still be easy. Only skilling takes a while. 

And thereofre, it just means you need to change how you play early levels such as
1) Using the lv 80 skill ball that cost 16 copper coins. (It was popular item to sell as everybody needs it. 600 coins for $5 easily). (lv 100 skill ball might be expensive to some)
2) Since then, they also added equipment box up to 240.

3) Maybe start fusing gems (lv 60-140 gems have return as new players needed them) to get 2x/3x, 30m/8h exp and skill exp cards.
4) As for money then i do not know how will it affect ao because in alo, lots of ppl found out you could sell 16* piercing (lowest we had) for 1.32m each and only costed 3 vouchers. So $5 easily net you on average 600-700m worth of piercing ticket, any remaining gem voucher were converted to lv 100 gems and fused in hope of 2x/3x cards. which if lucky enough, can be sold for around $5~$10.
5) w/o ab, skilling and rebuffing would definitely hurt.

Current top 20 in the new server with forcemick being #19.

Playing on 荷米斯 (Hermes) server in alo taiwan, and on chronos to stalk people.
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hoping for roll back/ reset everything :|

Kevin Calimbo