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[General Discussion] Killer Intent no longer work for mage's skill?

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Posted on 2018-07-10 10:24:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

May I ask is i saw wrong or wat, I stopped for like 1 year, did I see wrong or originally also like that?

I try to cast buff that cost 2.0 took excatly 2 second..with killer intent buffed....omfg ..what happen to AO???

Posted on 2018-07-10 12:20:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

it does still work in mages. you maybe did the wrong calculation

Posted on 2018-07-11 01:10:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

Taking 2 secs while on killer intent 1 to cast a 2 secs cast time spell is right. That is, unless you also have curse in your build, which you most likely don't, so your cast time is (2-1)*2 = 2. However 1 sec cast time spells should be cast at once, am I right?