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[General Discussion] More events in AO

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Posted on 2018-07-10 03:45:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

What happened to good events (Not Eden) That you could get nice weapons and armor and Ao was alive and active.. What happened to players hosting events to make game more fun because clearly GM's don't even get involved  in this game anymore. Please listen to players and start taking care of your dear customer or this game is going to die like Myth Angels Online did.. I want to see a change I been off on this game since release and I see a lot has changed since then.

Posted on 2018-07-10 12:22:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

The true is

Igg realize that players had a lot of INGAME gold in their pockets, and, because of that, the players would stop buying itens from AG, and just from INGAME gold, so, IGG, thinking about their money, but giving a crap about the game, made this event, where we should use ALL OUR MONEY, and back to use AG. 

IGG Team is horrible, complet horrible. IGG doesn't know how to maint a game, they just Copy the UJ version, make a sh*t translation, cause bugs and glitchs in the entire game...

IGG is horrible, that's the truth

Posted on 2018-07-10 14:41:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah it's really sad to say but I would have to agree with both of you. I love playing AO but at the same time, it does make me worry how things are changing, especially how AG is so crucial to the game and becoming the main currency than the coins in game. I understand that this is how IGG's staff earn their income but to me I felt that they lower the drop rates from luck bags/eggs/events etc. and therefore would need to spend more cash to get them. Example: spending $55 on luckys bags and not getting the top item.
This makes me worry that one day AO will either shut down due to lack of new players/ old players quitting or that AO will become were you need to pay a monthly fee to play.
Anyway they should really focus on fixing the bugs in the game rather than adding an a weekly event and maybe instead they could follow a week of fixing then the next week an event. And if they are having trouble not having enough people to help. They should post something about hiring or saying what's going on with the staff that's effecting the game.
Btw I really appreciate how funofking did say about what's going on later this week and I hope things will be okay for him and the crew.
Once again I do love playing AO, but the need of AG is so much and should have dailies/surveys back even if it's really a small amount so that people can just save up rather than spending.

Posted on 2018-07-10 20:49:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

thank you.we will inform developer about your ideas.

Posted on 2018-07-11 01:11:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

well thats true you guys should finnaly bring a big big ag spam event with alots of new higher level sets and weapons+ the hammers and runes!!!
cuz max level is now 370?  and we still have 270 weapons and sets ......
and also fa would be nice again but hopefully with a lot of more exp then outside on mobs and easyer to kill... at least that would be my dream :) and i think for others may as well to catch up :)
wish you all a very nice day :)