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[General Discussion] Pure Sin Or ...?

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I want to ask about this.

I heard sb/axe - sb/shield or Pure

What do u think about it ?

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The only thing you should keep in mind is that dropping any pure assassin skill other than avatar will affect you negatively. Dropping grapple will make all your assassination skills slow (giving others a chance to kill you after you come out of sneak before you can even hit them), so grapple is a must have if you're going to be using assassination. Dropping reserve is not an option either, since so is something you really need. Same goes for assault, which reduces your cast time for all skills and also boosts your agility among others. So in the end it comes to choosing between avatar, axe or shield, if that's what you want. Any of those builds could be viable in my opinion but of course being axe/shield too will require you to be more skilled than being a pure build, which could make it more fun for you if that's what you're looking for. I can't help you make that decision though, since I haven't tried any of those builds myself. Good luck!

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Avatar is useless as a sin. You die 1 hit even with it, sin is a glass cannon. Axe will make you do more dmg, and with 5.8k agil, you will crit sinations 90% of the time(with axe), or you can go spear for senkhi, and bloodlust. But bloody song(Spear skill) does not stack with ghostly tactics(which is needed for sins). SOme sins use shield too for leveling and pvp(shield bash followed by double assassination).

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You have no hybrid build to compare for pure sin. You need every skills of it. Assault is needed for agility/rigor and ofc assassination. Grapple to avoid delay sinates. Reserve for SPs. Avatar to avoid being 1 hit and for those who are saying avatar is useless for sin, you dont know how important it is on training. I suggest you be a pure sin. Pure sin is the best for sin. I assure you this would be suggested by the top sins in every servers too.

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