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[General Discussion] Gold Farming

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So I bought two dreamfluff boxes, after i already had bought an arcana box awhile ago for one of my accounts. I've been farming at Silver Wing Cable Car Station, making about, 13mil (varying) in 24 hours, per account. Is there anything I could perhaps do to earn more? Is there better places that are good for my level? (240) 
I always try to conserve my MP but I also seem to run out fast on my main; Though i never changed the skills in the beginning (major regret) so that could be good reason why some things are lacking.

Am I making a reasonable amount? I just want to know how to improve (instead of buying more boxes, can't buy more at the moment) and make more gold because I need to be able to repair my armor and weapons lol.

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Im not sure, but cowboy has nice drops, you schould try it there.

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Look for places with LvL 140 drops... you could sell those for 1m+ in NPC, so, with full bag, you could earn like 20m or + (depends on how much slot left you have).. so it could be like
13m from monster + 20m from itens dropped.
25m +/- per day (you could double the much you earn)
or you can try your luck and set your alts to kill mobs which drop Rides or Robots and try to sell them in Angel Lyceum... but, as I said, it depends on your lucky

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I'm at Fruit Town, Candy expansion. nice drops.