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[General Discussion] Help with my build and getting back into AO

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Hello, I've played AO since around 2009 or so and I last played sometime last year, got to lvl 205 with the Item Mall boxes. I've been on the forum a bit and have noticed that builds are changing and whatnot, also it has been extremely difficult for me to level up at all with my current build and I'm hoping that someone could give me advice on what I should change it to?

This is it currently

I really enjoy having Earth and Life skills due to healing and I really hope I can keep them, but not being able to train successfully really sucks. The point is I want to be able to train by myself and not die while doing it, so any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Staff hit, axe, Assualt, Vestment.

If you wanna level yourself without diying use Wraith, Chaos.

Earth, life is good for pvp tho

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Is that what I should change? I don't go to PVP anymore, lol

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Not really looking for farming since this is my main

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Welcome back

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Thanks! Been awhile

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Wraith\Earth\Staff hit\Assault\Spear\Vest this build is good for leveling if you really want to stay Earth.
I would recommend Wraith\Chaos\Staff hit\Assault\Spear\Vest this build is really good for leveling but also really good for pvp and in my opnion it is a much stronger build.

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Thanks! I'll try this on an alt

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if you go for the chaos version then make sure to use mana overflow+frozen trap1-4 for lvling, it will trigger mana overflow at an insane rate which will do awesome damage