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[General Discussion] way to farm

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Posted on 2018-02-12 04:40:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi im make lvl 180 farmer and i can get 30m/day is it fast enought for lvl 180 or there is anyway to get gold faster?

Posted on 2018-02-12 05:12:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

30m a day is pretty fast already for a lvl 180 farmer in my opinion

Posted on 2018-02-12 07:53:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

where do u farm? i am curious

Server: Ares(PVP)
Name: ExcesS
Lvl: 300
Posted on 2018-02-12 14:15:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

It really depends on the farmer and location you farm in.

for level 200 and below sunken ruins in atlantis is a good place but idk why you make 10m only you should be making around 30-40m there per 24 hours you should be selling the items u get from mobs for extra gold