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[General Discussion] more SA

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Posted on 2018-01-10 09:54:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

I wonder how people achieve 60K+ SA without either Olympus or Aeterina buff. Because my friend told me that
she already has s-class pds, 250z staff(11900SA), and and also 250 Blessed cape, but her SA is still only 52K SA even with SA scroll.

Posted on 2018-01-10 10:42:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

270 max fused max pimped staff...
Pet System....
New PD...

Don't think 60K is hard at all .. 250 blessed cape is 3400 SA by its self. 

This is what yo need to consider and why being part of a league is so important.  Do you want to spend so much $ to be a "top" player or do you just want to be part of a strong league... 

Top Player = $
Strong league = teamwork.


Mackie 285

Posted on 2018-01-10 19:51:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Let's break it down and see how it's possible.

So I'm assuming you mean 60k sa with self buffs(skills etc) and not purely base but we'll see what's possible. No unusual stuff(11x+ or the set from dreamfluff bag that gives 1900 sa or SA gems in set that give upwards to 1k) will be included here. 

So to start off a lvl 280 character with 280 skills has roughly 280 sa, let's say 300 to be simple.

Now add some gear that actually impacts SA - staff, ride, badge, trinkets and possibly gems in your set. A 270z 10/5 max fuse staff sits at I believe 16.7k sa or around there +/- 200 sa. The best ride you can have at the moment is a capybara at 10x max fuse and sa is around 2900 sa. The best badge for mages is the heli panpaka with 2500 sa. The best trinkets are a suriya staff and a blessed holy conch(i think?) with 1500  sa on each.  3500 sa from blessed cape

    300 TRUE Base 
16700 Staff
  2900 Ride
  2500 Badge
  3500 cape
  1500 Suriya Staff Trinket
+1500 Conch
28900 SA

Now that's just with the base character and gear, let's  add other things such as PD.

The newest pd has 1680 sa per piece, with 4060 per weapon. The olyumps tower pd iss hands down the best back pd with 2280 sa.

  1680 Hat
  1680 Body
  1680 Gloves
  1680 Boots
  4060 Weapon 1
  4060 Weapon 2
+2280 Back
14840 SA Total from PD

Now for some of the non-gear related sources of SA, you can swap out these numbers with some of your own because not many people have MAX album in weapon or Achievements reputation but this is purely for a logical max.

A level 10 weapon score in album gets you  1370 sa, being max reputation gets you 1030 sa, and max pet system with max sa+4 agility slots for more sa gives 10160 sa.

    1370 album
    1030 achievement
+10160 pet system
  12560 SA from these bonus sources

Now lastly you need to consider self buffs that are pretty common for mages to have

Most mages now are chaos/wraith so i'll do these from the skills of these.

For starters you get 650 sa from mana overflow 4(or erosion 4 but highly unlike you're using that), staff hit is almost a MUST for mages now with Sage Aura 4 giving 1600 sa. 

That's surprisingly it for chaos/wraith/staff hit mages that are sitting still for buffs, but some of the buffs you might get are proc'd in combat such as the 3190 sa from spell boost and 2500 sa from your suriya staff trinket's proc. 

Now there's a couple buffs if you're a certain build or in a team with people you'd get them so i'll include them. Mad Enhancement 4(shadowblade), common for mages to  use for pvp, gives you 1920 sa for 30 seconds. Spirtual focus(chaos) gives 560 sa for 30 secs(1 min cd). There's always 1200 sa from senki support 4 and ~600 for holy ballad 4(life). 

So with self-buffs as only chaos/wraith/staff hit

    650 mana overflow 4
+1600 Sage Aura 4
2250 sa from self buffs

  3190 spell boost proc
+2500 suriya trinket proc
5690 sa from in-combat procs

  1920 Mad Enhancement 4
    560 Spritual Focus 4
  1200 Senki Support 4
+  600 Holy Ballad 4
  4280 SA from 'pvp buffs'.

So from all these we're looking at 25400 from gear, 14840 from pd, 12560 from  pet system/achievements/album, 2250 from self buffs, 5690 while in combat, and 4280 from self pvp buffs or team buffs.

  28900 Gear
  14840 PD
+12560 pet system/achievements/album
56300 sa sitting still w/o buffs

56300 ^
  2250 self buffs
  5690 in-combat procs
+4280 'pvp buffs'
68520 sa w/o any item effects

Now with max and match of items that impact SA i'm pretty sure you can get ~15000 sa from them leaving people with maybe 80k sa. With olyumpus tower rankings maybe around 88k? Beyond that I'm not quite sure what I'm missing, an equipped pet with MAX green sa can get you 13k sa, but I'd like to mention that's near impossible, it'd require getting a pet with 65535 green bonus in sa. So 0-13000 sa range for equipped pet is always an option.