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[General Discussion] Angels Online Promotion (Player made event) Extended!

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(Please have this post moved to the correct section in forums for some certain reason I cannot choose other thread options except for "General Discussion";)

Good Day!

I am inviting everyone to join my own event. This event will benefit both I Got Games (IGG) and all the players from all Angels Online Servers.

From the past few weeks I've noticed that we have players from other servers that claims their server is either DEAD (R.I.P) or is lacking of players. Sadly, only few people are sincere about saying sorry on what happened to their server. We have players who played this game for roughly more than 8 years. I call them tenured gamer. We know for the fact that we lack of players nowadays and I was asking myself of "How will I help my game?". I can't let the game I love to be a "SERVER DOWN" kind of game. 

I realized that I can do something. No, not just me. WE can do something. I know some of us suffers in keeping up at the game's rapid change. This includes Angel gold events. And now allow me to introduce my new event.

Angels Online Promotion

By the word itself. "Promotion", I am aiming of creative players to join this event and that includes me.

To enter this event:

No level requirements -

1. Players that will join will create a Promotional Video. Just like what you see in commercials. 

2. Each videos should run for Not more than FIVE minutes.

3. Players should promote the following:


*Character Class/Builds*

* Player versus Player (PVP)

*Totem war

*New Maps

*Pet System


(Unique: The only game that allows players to fight while riding them, with stunning stats and cute looks)



*Low Ram requirement 


(Promote your own server by adding this : optional)

*Global players

*Olympus Tower 

(New event!)


*Pet Fusions

*Item Fusions 

*Card Books

*Daily Events

*Stunning Beautiful Maps

*Cute emotes

*Music for your ears

*Unlimited opening of ALTS

*Forum Guides


*ANGEL BABY - Please highlight this, because this is the most UNIQUE option AO offers.

4. Players should upload their videos in Youtube. NOTE: I will not accept other uploading sites.

5. After uploading in youtube, kindly post in this thread. 

6. Don't worry, if you exceed in more than 5 minutes, there will be an additional time of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

7. Players who failed to promote more than 5 options that are mentioned above will not be qualified for the prize.

8. Players who creates the most promising promotional video will win the event.

So how am I going to judge your work?

* I will judge your work by checking the total number of views you have in your Youtube link. Numbers of options you promoted. Quality of the video and of course, how encouraging your video is *

Top 3 most viewed videos will be selected

**Maximum of 2 videos per interested players**

Start of the event?

December 9, 2017 and ends in January 15, 2018.


What's in it for you? 

You can help the game by promoting its self worth without paying a huge amount at the same time we get to meet new players around the globe.


Prizes will come out of my own pocket. I will start with the following amount.

First placer can get 3600 Angel Gold

Second placer can get 2400 Angel Gold

Third placer can get 1200 Angel Gold

     Note: prizes is subject for editing but I will not decrease the prize.

I am also accepting donations from people who are willing to donate some amount that would allow me to increase the prize for this event. You can message me by clicking here


Posting your Youtube link in different thread will not qualify you in the event.

By uploading your video, you are allowing me to use it for public purposes like posting it in social media sites.

I am not in party of any moderators.

I will not use the videos to destroy both reputation of the game and the video owner.

Ending Notes

In able for us to enjoy the game, help me promote it by creating promotional videos. Soon more events will come from me. Patience is a virtue.

For editing purposes, this link will updated from time to time. 

Rules of this event may be updated only prior the acceptance of works of the participants which will be on December 9.

Interested players can also mail me in-game.

 Server: Chronos 

 In-Game Name: Explorerlian

Are you interested to see my previous event? Click here. Check out the ratings I got from moderators too!

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This game is going to continue to die, don't bother. I think the issue is that there is so little to do and let me explain why. There is only PVP, and no PVE, and PVP is limited to time and having the top gear, with the strongest players just one-shotting everyone that isn't close to their strength (99% of the others). Monster loot tables nowadays don't drop a single thing that is usable, besides rides, which have a <0.01% chance and a purely cosmetic, because their stats are so shit. The AG centralised event system is fine, i'm not gonna talk shit about that, because I was able to become a top 10 Chronos player without spending a cent on the game, but IGG hasn't spent one second towards designing actual game content in a long time.

Don't get me started with the absurd drop rates of items. With out-of-instance bosses you can argue the automatic angel baby system balances it out, but instances, really? you have a 0.005% chance to drop a spell/ride/whatever from a boss, and you have to MANUALLY clear the instance. Lol. I'm glad I was able to find out a way to bot the dungeon boss that drops sage blessing 5, Which I was able to do automatically (don't ask me how) and still did not get the drop from the first night (~9 hours or so) with ~10,000 kills or so, if I remember correctly. Insane. Nobody is going to manually clear instances outside of achievements and Lost region, so that's a whole area of dead and wasted content.

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this is seriously so nice! thank you for hosting such events

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Wow. I think this event is a great idea to promote the game more. Although, I would encourage the game to fix some bugs here and there. But, sure, more players means more fun for us. I'll try to join this event if I have enough time. Kudos for the event~ Good luck everyone.

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Thanks for supporting :) Kindly share this thread with your friends in your server!

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The name of event should be: Do what IGG couldn't. Those Game Promotion videos demand a hard work, and it's the Company's Job, it isn't up for the players to do that. Once again, IGG show how "worried" it is about the game/players xD.

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Level 260
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Is the event over now?

Level 260
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[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)] Bad idea to talk about someone behind their back 2nd you more likely to make enemies outside AO 3rd becareful what you wish for I seen countless people fall prey to C**** many of which got hacked or lost their accounts some people actually had their accounts deleted by C**** others say she is very dangerous most people just stay away from C***
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It's important we keep what was promised. ...