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[General Discussion] Training

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Folks can u assist me with the optimal Angel Baby setup for Spear/Axe training i really wanna start leveling.

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Yh thx i got those....however where do i set bloodlust cause my sp goes dwn really fast with sould discharge set at 75% hp and mp

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Did someone say... SPEAR? *heavy breathing* haha, warning tho, you'll experience a thing wherein, when using rapid strike, your character shows you're keeping away from a mob, but you're actually not. you'll see that you are still taking on damage. I tested this problem by using a healer to check on the situation. So that's why some people say that "spear" has a training problem. 

okay let's start. Core skills that you should have: Extended shot 4, maim shot 1, spearheart, bloodlust 4, Soul discharge

one reason why I tell people (tho they don't listen) to not use all 3 spear buffs (i.e: Electric spear, death threat, maim shot) during training is that, it will drain your mp fast. When you run out of mp, you'll die because spear constantly needs support from Maim shot. So out of those 3, you only need Maim shot. 

my ab setting:


Oh yes, I use heavy stab 4 on the first. it's to give some distance and momentum for rapid strike to hit within a distance and let your character move. When the mob hits you back, you throw in armor break. and from then, it's smooth sailing. (bring a healer unless you have Soul discharge 4 or 5) 


There's a reason why I don't require anything in the hp department. It's spearheart's ability to heal you each time you atk with spear skills. BUT, if you find that you're losing hp more than usual, and can't sustain, put in Soul discharge 4 at 50% hp, or bring a healer if you can't afford soul discharge 2-4, and just put soul discharge 1. (cheapest way). That's also sp at 5, Bloodlust 4. Since you're gonna be sustaining yourself with soul discharge, you always need it at more than 1sp. Soul discharge is a substitute for your mp pots if you're wondering. 

So that's it. the cheapest, most sustainable way I do it.  Hope it helps. ;)

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This is my AB settings in Spear Training.

i dont have any problem with this AB even you use all buff in spear, maybe its just in your connection, i already test it sometimes got stuck cause or delay skill because of my connection.

i hope it can help :) 

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Thanks again guys i really appreciate this its very informative also thanks a lot.

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Guys the help i received here was really helpful and was working, however all of a sudden i've been dying once i go afk and come bck i realize i haven't even lasted and hour before i die. FYI...I train at brilliant boneyard....any help?