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[General Discussion] I need help from Swordsman's players

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Posted on 2017-08-05 08:10:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't know how to set up my Angel Baby for leveling / farming..

Could any Swordsman's player help me, teaching me how to set up AB in self-assist buffs / combat, please??

Any help will be much appreciated!!

Since now, thanks!

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Whats your build and stats

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sp skill: Jab (fastest skill sword has) or if you don't have. use twinblade. But Jab is better.

Put every buff you have that doesn't last for 30sec or less. those buffs that lasts 5mins or more is okay. Since you're just farming.

Put Soul discharge in Hp: 50% and Mp: 10% for sustain.

(You can also farm using Panther killing IV, replacing jab and twinblade. But since you want to farm using sword skills, I recommend those. )

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You DO NOT use lightning jab for farming.

It has a 2 second cd and uses 2 sp so just use panther killing if you can 1 hit and twin blade attack for tougher mobs. Use Sword requiem for range

For Training, It usually goes like this:

1st: Strangle Strike
common: revolving air chop/Sword of kings(required stronger stats to tank multiple mob with SOK)
in 0/1 monster attack: Twin Blade attack

80% hp below: Rejuvenation 4
50% mp/hp below: Soul discharge 2+

Auto buffs:
Twincore blades(+2 crit and shoots TBA from pokes)
Combination blow(chance to +1 hit to multi hits like strangle and Sword of kings)
Sword Requiem(Increase range to all pokes and single-hit stances and sword of kings while boosting attack speed and giving off shockwave animation)
Senior strike scroll/Wild attack card(The more crit you have the more sp you regen and the more damage you deal to enemy)

BUT before all this.. you need wraith and better stats.