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[General Discussion] What boss give me a.drake eggs?

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Posted on 2017-04-20 22:16:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

I want yo know What boss give a drake eggs. Thank you

Posted on 2017-04-20 22:26:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

They only drop with item mall stuff.

Only beast,brute, and nature eggs are droppable through bosses.

Posted on 2017-04-20 23:12:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

only in Item Mall Bag - "Bunbun Lucky bag"

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Posted on 2017-04-21 06:39:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

Item Mall

But IGG need to consider make Drake, Baby, Eagle, Fuzz Droppeable.... These are noob pets right now.

Generally Speaking... IGG need update the Drops...

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