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[General Discussion] Unfairness of higher level rides

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Posted on 2013-01-13 12:53:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

I got a level 160 sheep ride long time ago and I was never happy with the spell attack / spell defense but today I saw a carriage of same level and found it has actual level 160 attributes unlike my sheep.
Here's the level 160 sheep

The level 160 carriage

Here what level 160 stats should be according to naive delivery bear's description

And here what a level 150 ride stats are

Both sheep and carriage are A class rides for level 160 so why does carriage have 450ATK/DEF and sheep only has 360SA/SD? I can understand the rigor difference but not this. Do you think it's a bug? if level 160 mage ride attributes were correct then why do naive bears / kitsunes have 450SA/SD? a level 150 ride has 10SA/SD less only, agility is same and rigor is better than sheep's but lower than carriage. I know all lower level rides are balanced, for instance: level 140 unicorn has 270SA/SD and level 140 polar bear has 270ATK/DEF; level 120 camel has 210ATK/DEF and level 120 ostrich has 210SA/SD and list goes on.
So what's your opinion? thanks in advance to those who will reply this thread.

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Posted on 2013-01-13 15:11:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

Now that you say it... it does seem a little strange. Although 450 SA is more worth than 450 ATK (same goes for SD and DEF) they shouldn't have nerfed the mage rides =/ And keeping the hybrid ones with even stats... doesn't really make sense. In some way it does but I don't feel like coming up with some early conclusions.

Posted on 2013-01-13 15:53:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Do you think it's a bug?

Sadly, it's not. Just checked japanese wiki and they have the same stats there.

Also, the difference seems to be getting bigger:
- level 150 ride: 350 attack/defense vs. 310 sa/sd
- level 160 ride: 450 attack/defense vs. 360 sa/sd
- level 170 ride: 510 attack/defense vs. 410 sa/sd

Posted on 2013-01-13 16:38:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

I also noticed something similar with ATK type rides: lv80 ATK elephant has 120sd, lv90ATK seahorse has 150sd, lv105ATK ox has 180sd but then, lv115 ATK elegant camel has 150sd (same as lv90ATK ride) and lv125 ATK bear has 240sd. If the math was right, every ATK type ride should have 30sd more than last: 120+30=150+30=180+30=210(NOT 150)+30=240 and so on.
same happens with MDEF rides: lv105 MDEF  ox has 180atk while lv115 MDEF camel has 150 only and it also happens with level 105-115 MATK/DEF rides.
I do think this one IS a bug but since its only 30 X attribute difference I never reported it before.
Another thing, MATK saint horn sheep that resembles lv160 sheep has 450sd and DEF one has 450sa, lv150 MATK/DEF sheep has 350base stats too (and not 360/310).
ATK/MDEF carriages still have same base stats as the average lv150-160 carriages = 450 (a bit more in special attribute).
bug or not all these rides are messed up.

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Posted on 2013-01-14 02:10:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

Rides that drop are almost useless as IGG knows that if AG rides have better stats people will have to get AG rides .. It is very easy to see that .. Same thing for equipment .. who will use a 140 s drops staff when they can spend AG and get a 140 JG staff and so on ..

For me I will do my best to avoid spending the AG and do what I can to play the game with out the JG stuff or just buy it off people that do spend the AG ..   

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