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[General Discussion] assault 126

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Posted on 2013-01-13 04:50:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

i have question about curse and assault
if you drop curse,all your mage skills will be doubled right? so a 1.0 cast skill will be 2.0
if you have shadow meld 1,is that skill gonna be 1.5 OR 0.5?
i have seen people with shadow meld 4,that cast skills in 0.2 sec without curse
how is this possible? im kinda confused really.

Posted on 2013-01-13 04:56:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Standard stance equation without curse:
Cast time * 2 = non curse cast time.
With assualt cast time:
(Cast time - Shadow Meld effect)*2 = new cast time.

Posted on 2013-01-13 07:50:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

The explanation about casting times (at least the one I've seen on the forums) has started to confuse me too lately...

With the casting time given in your equation, do you mean the casting time which is given in the description of the spell? Because I've just tested it again on a new char, casting Earth Blessing/Summon Skeleton (which both originally take 2 seconds to cast, like stated in their descriptions). With Curse it took 1 second to cast and without Curse it took 2 seconds (that's with Vestment of course).