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[General Discussion] Guide Index (Links for information)

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Has links to many different things, thank you for all your hard work

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YC-Monkey169  thank .

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I think you deserve like 9999999999 karma and 99999999 credit. This thread is sooooo useful!

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Hi YC-Monkey66   I know this is quite old, but i used to use this page as well, i dont know if will help but ill share :)
Im sorry if its irrelevant but i hope it helps someone out there ^~^

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Just in case you're still around:

There are quite a few guides on that site that have been copy-pasted from our forums without giving any credit to the original authors of those guides. That's reason enough for me to not include it into the guide index. Otherwise the site seems pretty safe, I'd say.

The guide index has been updated with the following guides:

Update Absolution list(Cowboy)TomatoAndCheeseDrop Lists
droplist sequoia and bayanstandeman1996Drop Lists
Because of love(2nd orient main quest)standeman1996Quests
Cowboy 2nd Main Quest?testings4Quests
lakeside moon(sakura 2nd quests)standeman1996Quests
King of the Ancient Arenastandeman1996Quests
Fruit Factory (2nd Sequioa quests)gatobros910Quests
ROYALBEE REBELLION (3rd Sequioa quests)gatobros910Quests
Demons Destroyed(east orient instance quests)standeman1996Quests
Food for the Masses - East Orient QuestashleypangetQuests
Icy Massacrestandeman1996Quests
jade tassel city quests(sakura instance)standeman1996Quests
Last Survivor Quest (Complete)jorgeurbanoQuests
Saving the Scoutstandeman1996Quests
starship destroyer (cowboy instance quests)standeman1996Quests
monster killer lvl 23 and 25standeman1996Useful Data/Info
Monster KO Achievement (16,17,19,21)FaeryallUseful Data/Info
Kitty Pet EvolutionashleypangetPets
A Guide To Quick Instance RunsFaeryallTips&Tricks + Character Builds
HOW TO TRADE maximum of 5 BILLION in ONE TRADEkgeverTips&Tricks + Character Builds
Making Money Fusing FoodHiHelloItsMeTips&Tricks + Character Builds
Shuwa Instance GuideThaNoobDOGTips&Tricks + Character Builds
Walkthrough most expansions~bryansangel1Tips&Tricks + Character Builds
Another method of deleting "CAP" file for Death Achievejoedie0824Technical
Can't log into the game? READ THIS!!!YuujiTechnical
AO Weapon CalculatorTomatoAndCheese[Legit] Client Manipulation & Useful Tools

The following guides have been removed from the guide index:
[Getting Started]MissieeDifficult to understand due to image links being broken
Lucky CardsMikzaelThe thread doesn't exist anymore
Tip for Catching Rotten WandahollowedshellImpossible to understand due to image links being broken

Minor changes:
- the guides Skill Price and Location (Up to Sylvan Chaos) and Recipes list to avoid unnecessary walking~ [Producers] have been moved from the Useful Data/Info table to the Spells, Stances and Recipes table
- favor ratings have been updated (may remove them at some point though)
- dropped a few ratings here and there, mainly because of broken image links and the guides being harder to follow

Just thought I'd drop by and say hi.

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Thanks and we miss you !

Mackie 233

Alan J. Mackie
Posted on 2016-03-23 15:42:27 | Show thread starter's posts only


Fixed the whole mess in the guide index that happened after the forum update. The links should be working now.

Note: For the guides that got completely removed from the forums I have used the site for "salvaging" them. The site has saved most of our guides in its database and you'll be seeing the removed guides with the old forum layout (it may take a bit more time for the site to load though). The other guides that are still here on the forums you'll be seeing normally with the new layout. Around 10-15ish guides from the guide index (which I believe weren't that important anyway) are gone for good. Also, if you find any links within the guides that start with "" they probably won't work anymore.

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nice nice nice

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The guide index has been updated with the following guides:

Vulcania drop listGydraDrop Lists
Arcana DroplistDuckyxDrop Lists
Aeternia Droplistevokakashi90Drop Lists
Aeternia Drop List Updated daily.sb1wardDrop Lists
Vulcana Pacification (Magma Main quest)standeman1996Quests (Main Quests, Elite Quests and Other Quests)
Arcana Main QuestDenAsslanQuests (Main Quests, Elite Quests and Other Quests)
Aeternia Main QuestDenAsslanQuests (Main Quests, Elite Quests and Other Quests)
Complete List of Raw Material LocationsElbereth91Useful Data/Info
Monster Hunter 26/27(Bayan instance)standeman1996Useful Data/Info
Monster Hunter lvl 28 and 30(Sylvan+Magma)standeman1996Useful Data/Info
Lvl 13 Pet Capture Achievement Monster LocationsSuweeeggUseful Data/Info
Bunbun PetAOWikiPets
Bunny Egg PetRavenclawS2Pets
Garden Egg Types/Skills/PicsRawrfiPets
How to train a pet (according to me)DipWooglePets
How to train Monkey Egg (Updated).DipWooglePets
Teddy Egg Attack/SA EvolutionDipWooglePets
Vulcan Egg Types/Skills/PicsDreAm3rPets

I believe that this is pretty much everything that's been relevant within the last 2 years. Just felt like updating it for no particular reason (I barely even visit this place anymore). If someone feels like updating this guide index from now on or creating one from scratch, feel free to do so.