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[PVP area] Totem war 1312

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Posted on 2020-10-17 13:45:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

What happened?:)

B e h e m o t h ~
Posted on 2020-10-17 15:47:04 | Show thread starter's posts only


Pa que cambie ni loco, este es mi estilo nunca va a ver otro♫
Posted on 2020-10-18 11:53:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

What happened is 1 of 2 things; 

1. Lack of leadership and direction
2. Rogue baddies just doing w.e they want and being useless

They attacked QV with 6+ people(mostly useless people) which means that TW had 0 chance. If they had focused on TW, they would have been able to take the lvl 6 and damaged totem. But Fawks, celeiste, fatmessy, rushuna, sikwati decided to attack QV last 10 minutes. All of which can kill most players in AM. IF they had focused they could have won. 

So either 4ever leadership told them to do it in which case bad leadership, or they did it on their own, in which case that furthers the argument that they are just bad.

Posted on 2020-10-18 14:05:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

Still depending on ZTK I see, Wake up ZTK server could be yours don't be a foot soldier when you can be the captain. Why are you 2nd on that list when you have TW ?

Alan J. Mackie