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[PVP area] Totem War 1213

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Mind if I come over I am pretty sure I can liberate most of the areas  here is the thing in totem wars one shadow league can't hog up all the areas at one go you gotta share a spot  last time I check each area like sml nml ch and tr is basically shark  infested so theres  3 sharks standing on guard  basically the league thinks its a  good idea to  keep the lands for themselves  as old leagues leave AO new ones come and challenge the  old ones. If I make a league in peg I am good at  leading a army to battle they have to follow my instructions I give them area they go that area and make sure the enemy doesn't  spam dg all day  it kinda keeps them at one spot  the enemy has to figure how to overcome a enemy whose onto their  tactics if they want to go to another area and see if it has less people  and worth a challenge . 

Soon that shadow league will have a  challenger we just prepping up I just love dueling stronger leagues I never gotten hyped in battle but I love intense battles every minute counts 

see you soon peg 


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