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[PVP area] Totem War 1062

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There's a new league in town boys. Downfall. OP. First TW. EZ

[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)] Bad idea to talk about someone behind their back 2nd you more likely to make enemies outside AO 3rd becareful what you wish for I seen countless people fall prey to C**** many of which got hacked or lost their accounts some people actually had their accounts deleted by C**** others say she is very dangerous most people just stay away from C***
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I didn't lag once during TW Downfall>UPS :D

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Alanmackie sorry to ask but, did you just die from a halo strike???? Or was that a different skill.. although im pretty sure thats a halo strike.. no offense not flaming.. im.just so curious.

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WeAreHaniel if your talking about the video you will see that I was testing the server for lag not sure what he killed me with but I was not even fully buffed or attacking .. 

Why would a sin with so little HP fight on a ride ? or not use a clone ? also not sure why a spear man would have Halo Strike.

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honestly its getting ridiculous with the lag every wednesday theres always a faction that cant get tp'd out when another faction takes it because their map isnt ready so they can just keep spamming the totem, this is actually stupid when it comes to fighting, on saturday wars its just the lag but the lag isnt as bad but still hard to fight i wish IGG/UJ would fix this so we can actually pvp without lag like we used to

edit : i legit stay up till 2am-3am for war and everytime im greeted with lag/maps not ready