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[PVP area] Totem War 953

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Everything is not enough.
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Is that supposed to be Europe?

old and wrinkled guy (50 yrs) with magic up his sleeves and birds in his beard
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There is no map and im so lazy to post it... Meh, i will post it.

My Opinion:

Nice war, was funny, Active on all Factions. I saw the server more healthy on war now. 4 Factions attacking and Stronger leagues trying to get a Terra. Of course, Aftermath unbeatable like always, is very nice. 

So laggy for me, As always... All nights is a nightmare my internet. Was hard... So much time whitout play and low stats xD.

First war as Steel Player (This is Strange considering i dont like Iron Castle.) and first Victory whit my League, ¡Gratz ZanTetsuKen!

GG to everyone, was a nice TW.

Nick: LLyLegend (248) / DaniSciB (77)
League: ZanTetsuKen
Faction: Steel / Shadow
Server: Chronos