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[Guides and Tutorials] Astralfield Main Quest Guide (Galaxia, Cowboy Part II)

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Astralfield Main Quest Guide / Galaxia Main Quest / Cowboy Part II Main Quest

BASIC REQUIREMENT: Complete the Cowboy Part I Main Quest.
It appears that there is no level requirement to take this on, except the level req of the first main quest. You need to have the Space Cowboy Quest Expert Achievement.

It might be a little hard to complete this quest as all mages, so I advise adding a warrior or two into your party. I recommend completing this quest while the AL buff is available, as some mobs have jacked stats. 
The mobs in this expansion are cute and based off the 4 elements theme. 
The bosses needed in quests are all separate and near the quests NPCs, but make sure not to defeat them before you get the quest.
Also, sorry I couldn't put rewards, I'm already rank 20 so I can't see the credits. If someone else could put that, thank you in advance. 
Let's begin.

Get the quest from Raydia in the 4 main cities.

When asked, say you're Neither an Angel or Demon. (why? they're aliens)

Expansion entrance is on the lower left portion of Forbidden Sector in the Cowboy Pt I expansion.

I. Puff of Chaos
1. Go to Whispering Hill and talk to Buzzy (152,88)

2. Defeat 200 Phollix.

3. Return to Buzzy.
4. Defeat the boss Skelon Aquin (BOSS). (175,78)

5. Return to Buzzy.
6. Defeat 100 Sprayer Prince and 100 Fan Wielder. 

7. Report to Buzzy and claim your reward.

II. Elemental Powers:
1. Go to Galaxia Square and talk to Floren. (164,90)

2. Defeat 200 Whisper Fae.

3. Defeat 200 Fluvo Fae

4. Defeat 200 Scorch Imp.

5. Defeat 200 Sandy Golem.

6. Return to Floren and claim your reward.

III. Polluted Waters: 
1. Go to Pristine Lake and talk to Flow. (195,100)

2. Defeat 200 Waterfaller.

3. Return to Flow. 
4. Defeat Crabby Canthes (BOSS). (185,83)

5. Return to Flow.
6. Defeat 100 Beach Boi (how edgy) and 100 Snorkela. 

7. Return to Flow and claim your reward.

IV: Sputtering Flames
1. Go to Magma Field and talk to Firia. (150,74)

2. Defeat 200 Ancestral Blu.

3. Return to Firia.
4. Defeat Shadowmane Leo (BOSS). (181, 75)

5. Return to Firia.
6. Defeat 100 Bomber Guy and 100 Gas Guy.

7. Return to Firia and claim your reward.

V. Disturbed Soil:
1. Go to Rolling Sands and talk to Sandee. (143,85)

2. Defeat 200 Sandstormer. (Care, it has high SA)

3. Return to Sandee.
4. Defeat Speedy Sagittaur (BOSS). (127,95)
5. Return to Sandee.
6. Defeat 100 Potate Driller and 100 Potate Digger.

7. Return to Sandee and claim your reward.

VI. Dangerous Info:
1. Go to Horizon Archives and talk to Horizon Alpha.

2. Defeat 200 Crystal Giant. (High SA again)

3. Return to Horizon Alpha, then report to Horizon Beta. (202,115)

4. Go to the Special Spot (72,72) and read the anecdote.
(To get there, go through the portal at 133,75)

5. Defeat 200 Chalky Axeman. (Strong)

6. Return to the Anecdote/Special Spot in 72,72.
7. Return to Horizon Beta.
8. Report to Horizon Omega (50,150) and finally claim your reward.
(To get there, go through the portal at 180,148)

Congratulations! You finished the main quest.

Thanks to Sley, Mrs, Ghenie and Javi for the help!

Total gold reward is like 200-300m. For creds, I hope someone can comment below.

Happy questing y'all -storm-

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Damn that's fast o,o not even 1 day lmao

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Final cred gives 355k is all I asked when we did it last night xD. Yus still gonna stay top of leaderboard

Pegasus and Chronos
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Pa que cambie ni loco, este es mi estilo nunca va a ver otro♫
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"Total gold reward is like 200-300m. For creds, I hope someone can comment below."

 1 - PUFF OF CHAOS 26.500.000.00025.000.000135.000
 3 - POLLUTED WATERS 29.500.000.00028.000.000220.000
 5 - DISTURBED SOIL  i lost the info ;sadface;  i lost the info ;sadface;  i lost the info ;sadface; 

Um agradecimento especial ao Maycon-Br que me ajudou a finalizar a main quest; Obrigado pela ajuda !