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[Guides and Tutorials] Bearscape Main Quest Guide

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Hello there, it's main quest season again, let's go!

Level Requirement: Lvl 300 
Stat Requirements: At least 80k SA, 120k Attack
I recommend completing this quest while the Party Angel buff is here.

Get the quest from Baby Blair in the 4 main cities.

Main Quest 01: An Ill Omen
1. Go to Hidden Grove and talk to Scaredy Bass.

2. Defeat 50 Shrooms.

3. Return to Baby Blair.
4. Defeat 100 Leaf Sprites and 100 Blue Onesies.

(If you're wondering how to get to the other side of the map, refer to the photos of the portals)

5. Return to Baby Blair
6. Defeat Rascally Rocky (BOSS), near the Little Onesie

7. Return to Baby Blair and claim your reward.
Rewards: 2.35 exp, 135k creds, 22m gold

Main Quest 02: The Mysterious Woods
1. Go to the Forest of Whispers and talk to Cop Ebearny

2. Defeat Muddy Crabbies until you get a morph potion (chance drop)

3. Return to Cop Ebearny.
4. You transform into a bear for 1 hour, and within that time, talk to either Rosursa or Cartonursa 
(Note: I don't think you need the shapeshift to talk to the NPCs, because I had a character which lost the buff, but still got the required dialogue)

5. Return to Cop Ebearny
6. Defeat 200 Fiery Hissies

7. Go to Elder Bearuce in Teddy Amusement to claim your reward

Rewards: 2.5 exp, 175k creds, 23.5m gold

Main Quest 03: Mending Wounds
1. Defeat Cardbears until you get 3 portions of blessed water (chance drop), and get 1 Herbal Leaf, then return to Elder Bearuce.
Note: You need a prod (at least level 1, any skill) to collect herbal leaves for the quest. Herbal leaves can be collected in 13,135.

2. Look for residents that need medical attention. These are Petecub, Stancub, and Billcub

3. Return to Elder Bearuce
4. Defeat 100 Bearoons and 100 Pink Bearoons
5. A red gem drops. Return to Elder Bearuce and claim your rewards
Rewards: 2.65 exp, 220k creds, 25m gold

Main Mission 04: The Glowing Stone
1. Go to City of Dreams and talk to Caregiver Rhim

2. Defeat 150 Green Shrooms, but don't hit any baby bears (Binky and Bottle Bears nearby)

3. Report back to Caregiver Rhim
4. Interact with Pianos spread across the map

5. Return to Caregiver Rhim
6. Collect 10 Wooden Planks and 20 Nails from Purple Wolfies (chance drop)
7. Give the materials to Liabrarian Noel in the same map

8. Go to Foodie Paradise and talk to Confindant Snow, claim your rewards there.
Rewards: 2.95 exp, 265k creds, 28m gold

Main Quest 05: To Dreamland
1. Go to Teddy Amusement and buy a Sleeping Pill from 
Note: Choose to go to the Right Paw in the center portal. Choose to view the potions tab. It costs 1000 gold and you can buy this in advance of this quest. The quest item is tradeable.

2. Give it to Confidant Snow
3. Get 50 Slumberbloom Essence from 181,154. Spam it.

4. Give them to Confidant Snow
5. Go to Hidden Groove and get 50 healthy mushrooms from Dark Shrooms. Go to Forest of Whispers and defeat Bully Hissy (BOSS). Go to Teddy Amusement and get 50 sweet nectars from Bam Whammies.

6. Return to Confidant Snow
7. Defeat 200 Green Milly

8. Return to Confidant Snow
9. Go to Forbidden Dusk, and talk to Sentry Bruno; claim your reward there

Rewards: 3.10 exp, 310k creds, 29.5m gold

Main Quest 06: The Evil Scheme
1. Defeat Cross Crabby until you get 1 to talk. (chance drop)

2. Return to Sentry Bruno
3. Defeat Candison until you get 1 to talk. (chance drop)

4. Return to Sentry Bruno
5. Defeat Beary Boxy until you get 1 to talk. (chance drop)

6. Return to Sentry Bruno and claim your reward (Yeah, that's all lol)
Rewards: 3.25 exp, 355k creds, 31m gold

Congratulations! You finished the main quest.

TOTAL REWARDS: 16.8 exp, 1.460m creds, and 159m gold
(I didn't bother to look at the 0's. When is this game going to use commas in numbers lol?)

As usual, happy questing, -storm-

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Thanks for sharing.

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could put the location of edible herb (11,136)

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Nice and detailed guide :) thank you

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Nice guide :o. When I did it first, the edible herbs part trolled me, ran all over map looking for herb to collect like in other MQ ahahahaha.

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Where's tha Karma at mods?

Pegasus and Chronos
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very beary (๑•᎑•๑)
i will try to do the quest when i reach the level requirement.  meanwhile, i explore Bearscape.  i love all her creatures

Grumpy bear ʕ -㉨- ʔ

ʕっ˘ڡ˘ςʔ yummy fruits from Nature.  today Beary chooses pineapple 

play time in Teddy Amusement.  although they are Cardbears and i am a Binky Bear from the neighbouring City of Dreams, we are good friends.  ᵔᴥᵔ

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