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[Guides and Tutorials] Pet guide: basic fusion and high stars fusion.

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Hello I got bored so I decided to make a guide for pet fusion.

Basic Fusion

In the last few months I have gotten a lot of questions about pets, most on how to make pets 5 stars or even higher. I know how annoying working with pets can be because I pretty much messed up a lot of pets just because I had no clue what I was doing. After messing up a lot of pets, I finally understand most things related to pets. I am sure there are plenty of other players that already know this and I am sure there are things that I still don't exactly know. If so, feel free to share them here with us :) I'll start with the basic principle that pretty much everyone knows but just be sure everyone can understand what I am talking about I will explain it anyway. The fusion success rate of a pet is based on its total stars and its level. The higher the stars of a pet, the higher level it needs to be to have a 100% fusion rate. A pet can't exceed 80% fusion rate without using a blessed fusion pot. Even if the pet is at level 300 with 0 stars, the fusion success rate will only be 80%. I would never use any other fuse pot than a blessed pot because it increases fuse rate with 20% and also increases the stats gained from fusing. Here is a list I made to show you at what levels your pet will have a 100% fuse rate.

Stars  Required level for
100% fusion rate

I might be wrong with a few levels because I never really wrote them down. This is just what I remember rfom fusing over the past few years

Pets total stars

Now that you know the basics of pet fusion let's get to the next step where it gets a bit trickier. All stats (ATK/DFS/HP etc.) of your pet have a different green bonus with each its own star level. A pets total stars is calculated by adding up all those stars and then dividing that by 8, as there are 8 pet stats with star levels. However, for a pet to reach higher than for example 2.9 stars, your pet will need to have 4 stats at 3 stars or higher and one stat at 2.9. This works the same for 3 star to 4 star etc. When I explained this to some people, most of them did not understand what i mean with this so I will show you a picture of one of my pets which should make it a bit easier to understand. 

As you can see on the picture the pets Star Level is at 2.9 but if you add up all the star levels (1.9/2.1/3.7 etc) you will get a total of 31.6. Divide that by 8 and the outcome is 3.9 instead of 2.9. The reason this pet is stuck at 2.9 is because it does not meet the requirement i explained before. For a pet to reach higher than 2.9, your pet needs to have 4  stats at star level 3+ and one at 2.9. This pet is missing an extra stat at 2.9. If for example I would increase this pets SA to 2.9 stars by fusing, the pets total stars will increase to 3.9 because then the average will apply again. 

So to conclude: A pets star level is calculated by the average of its stats but there is an additional requirement: A pet (x.9) star level needs to have 4 stats that are (x+1) and one stat that is (x.9). Like in the example i used: in that case x = 2 and the 4 stats = x+1 = 3 stars so the 4 stats need to be 3 star or higher. Same applies to other star levels. Take into consideration that most pets already have 8 stars in agility and rigor. At lower star levels this will make your pet instantly jump from 2.9 to 3.9 once it meets both requirements

This might not seem very important at first sight but it actually becomes a big deal at higher stars, especially if you are making a 5 star pet. Sometimes your pet will be at 4.9 stats and most people would think that it is close to being a 5 star pet but actually it can be pretty far off. Again I will show you what I mean with that by using a picture.

Take this pet for example. It is a 4.9 star pet so you would think that it might be able to reach 5 stars at 10 ints. But actually this pet is not even close yet to being 5 stars. Adding up all the star levels and dividing it by 8 gives a star of 5.0 so the average again is not the problem here. This pet does not meet the 2nd requirement I explained earlier. This pet is missing an additional skill at 4.9+. That would mean that for this pet to reach 5 star i need to increase either attack with 0.8 stars or defense with 0.9 stars. If you are fusing caught pets without mbc/abc getting 0.8 stars in a stat like defense or attack takes a lof of fusion. 

A few tips for making your own 5+ star pet/new pets for amplify system.
A pet NEVER increases in stars (After u have ABC'ed it) if its level increases and the pet has 0 ints. The only way to gain extra stats is by fusing. You can use this to your advantage by not intensifying your pet before your done with fusing. I would always recommend fusing a bit more as long as your fusion succes rate doesn't drop to like below 60%.

Take a good look at the stars of your pet, not just the total stars but look at all the stars of each stat. It will tell you which stats are low level so that u can find pets to increase those lower levels.
The cheapest method of increasing a pets stars is by fusing caught pets. Caught pets give good fusion bonus for HP and MP. In my opinion, the best way of creating high star pets is by only fusing caught pets. I have used a lot of ABCed pets as well but it sometimes caused me to over fuse certain stats. I'll come back to this later because this is only important for 7/8 star pets. 

You can use the 2nd requirement as i explained a few times already to your advantage when you are creating pets for amplify system. Take a look at my teddy pet for example. Lets forget the fact that with this level and star level, fusion success rate will be low. For this example I will use a 100% fusion success rate and an SA type to explain what i mean. Later I will give you a list of the pets I use for fusion. Using simple logic, if you make a pet for SA in amplify system fusing any other stat than SA into your pet is a waste. For that reason you need to find a pet that gives you SA in fusion. The fastest way to increase your pets SA is by catching naughty souls. In fusion they give HP, MP and SA. Sometimes they give SD instead of HP/SA. Again look at the picture of the teddy pet. This pet has 9 ints so without any ints the HP/MP of this pet would only be slightly higher than 2 stars. The teddy pet will never reach 5 stars unless HP/MP/DFS/ATK reaches 4.9 stars. Hypothetically, this pet could have 8 stars in SA and SD but the pet would still be stuck at 4.9 stars because it does not meet the 2nd requirement. This is impossible to do because pet fusing always give 3 stats. But this tactic is very good to use if u want to make your pets increase in SA and give you more SA in pet system. In all pets HP and MP is fairly low in stars compared to the other stats, so it becomes able for you to fuse a lot of pets into it without HP/MP reaching 4.9 stars. If this pet would increase to 5 stars or higher my fusion success rate will drop so far that I can't fuse anymore. With this method you can make pets that are weaker, like avidia and eagle, as strong as stronger pets in SA like Teddy/Bunny. It will cost time and money to catch pets and make them level 60 but it's a good method of becoming stronger when you already have fashion and strong equips.

Some pets are not ideal for leveling because of their skills. For example an attack type Teddy has an AOE spell, making this very difficult to level up past 120. In that case I would recommend shape fusing it to a type that has nice skills. Shape fusing does not have any effect on the pets green stars but it does change the total stats of a pet. I don't know much about all the skills of the fusion pets so I do not know what pet is considered being the easiest to level up. I shape fused the pet that I am currently making to a Swordfang Tiger. This pet has these 3 skills: 
The 1st skill is nothing special but the 2nd skill is beast teeth, which one hits basically every monster that is hit by armor break. The 3rd skill is a crit buff so thats always good for leveling. Not exactly sure what the best pet is for leveling but I like this one. Currently it's leveling in sylvan at a level of 214 without any ints. But if you think a different pet is stronger than this one by all means use your own.

List of pet that I used for fusing.

Usually I keep catching pets until i have a full bag of rare/awesome/super pets because lower rank pets don't give as much bonus in fusion.

Pet name                        Location                         Attributes in fusing          
Naughty Souls
Violet Pixie (lower bonus, 
but easier to catch and 
nobody is farming them)
Building Blocks City
(Candy Land)
Ghost Village
HP MP and SA. Sometimes 
gives SD instead of HP/SA 
because of its ints or rarity
Pink/Purple VioletFruit Town (Candy Land)HP MP and DFS. Sometimes 
SD for the same reason I 
mentioned earlier
GebuerGebuer Vale (Steel area)MP HP ATK. This pet is rather 
tricky to use for ATK. I advise u 
check the stats it will give at every
int because sometimes DFS is higher
than ATK
Mount Saby (Boss)Megalith Plain (Steel area)HP MP SD. I used this pet because it 
seemed to have strong SD bonus. There
are many other caught pets that give
good SD bonus so u don't need to use this
Ostaran Avidia (ABCed
mean nice nice Avidia pet)
Get from other players or 
I used this to increase SD SA and DFS of
my high star fusion pet because it's a lot
faster. Very expensive tho. 

Advanced Fusing

The only reason I decided to try this was because I enjoyed making pets and I needed something to do that would make AO less boring. I decided to try making a 8 star pet. I will probably not have the patience to actually make it to 8 star but I will try anyway and share the knowledge I gained from fusing past 6 stars.

When you are fusing pets at lower ranks, the impact of the 8 star rigor and agility is quite big. Most stronger pets that are at 2.9 stars will instantly jump to 3.9 stars once it meets the requirements of becoming a 3 star pet. You will notice that this impact becomes smaller when your pet reaches closer to 8 stars.

When you are making a 6 star pet, a good method is to only use one type of caught pet for fusing. I will use an SA pet again for an example. For mages that want to increase their SA, the best pet to use are naughty souls. This way you can easily reach between 6 and 7 stars in SA and SD. When you are only fusing Naughty Souls, eventually the pets HP and MP will also increase to about 5-6 stars. This will already require a LOT of fusion. A 6 star pet is not that difficult to create even if you have no clue what your doing. As long as the pet has a high level enough for it to have 100% fuse rate then u should always be able to make the pets increase in stars. If your pet has 8 stars on agi and rig, 6-7 stars in sa and sd, and 5-6 stars in hp and mp your pet will still be able to reach 6 stars even if you didnt fuse much into dfs and atk. Take into consideration that leveling pets past 120 will decrease the bonus of IPF. U wont notice this immediately because u dont actually int the pet before you are finished with fusing. So make sure your SA star level is at high enough level. I don't know much abt at which levels the other stats start dropping because i never made a non SA pet higher than lvl 140. 

Now here is where fusing gets extremely frustrating and expensive, 7 star pet fusion. When creating a 7 star pet the problem is that over fusing can mess up your entire pet (this happened to me but ill explain that later). The thing that makes fusing a 7-star pet very difficult is that the 8-star of agility and rigor barely increases your total star level because 8 star is not much higher than 7 and the average needs to be 7+. This means that you need to get every stat to preferably 6.0-6.5 stars. What I didn't know before I started making my first 7-star pet is that apparently when another stat reaches 8 stars, it will become possible again for you to fuse pets of that stat again in your pet. This means that it will become possible again for caught pets to give your pet agility and rigor in fusing. Whenever that happens it becomes impossible to use caught pets for fusing and you need to switch to fusing MBCed/ABCed pets. You want to avoid this because then it will get really expensive and getting the pet to this point already costs a lot of money. 

The second mistake I made with making my 7 star pet is that I was focused too much on the 2nd requirement because I never had problems with the average not being enough. After I made sure at least 4 stats would reach 7-star + and one stat would reach 6.9+ I inted my pet 11x but unfortunately my average was only at 6.8 stars. That caused my fusion success to drop to 20%. In addition to that, my pet reached 8 star on SD, so most caught pets gave me rigor and agility with fusing. This means I had to start fusing ABC'ed pets in order to make my pet 7 stars. Its impossible for a stat to reach 8.1 because the max is 8.0. Since I wasted a lot of resources on making it to 7-star, I did not want to give up. But fusing ABCed pets at a fusion success rate of 20% is not very effective :P I ended up doing that anyway and burned through like 40b on only increasing my pet from 6.8 to 7.0

Here is a picture of the 7-star pet that I made and another pet that I am currently working on.

As you can see in Teddy pet, the stars of HP is only at 5.0 and DFS is at 5.7. The reason this happened is because MP increases faster in stars than HP and I mainly only used Naughty Souls in fusion. Because my pet is an SA type, automatically its SA and SD are already at a high star level. Fusing Naughty Souls makes it SA and SD increase a lot more compared to HP and MP. In my other pet, HP and MP are much closer to SA and SD than in the teddy. The trick I used for that is not inting the naughty souls or fuse other pets that have higher HP bonus instead of MP. This way your pet barely gains SD and SA but will still get decent HP and MP. I am not quite sure what will happen exactly to my pet when i start inting it because I don't know how what stats do at this level. 

If you still need to work on your pet amplify system and the only reason you are making pets is to become stronger by making your pet amplify system stronger, then I would not recommend trying to work on a 6/7 star pet. Wait till having maxed your pet system. Overall its just not worth the money and it requires a lot of time. Unless you are crazy rich and want to give it a try I would not try it. I've used more than 100b in total on pet feeds, improved pet feeds, pet vouchers etc. to make my teddy 7-star and all it gives me is 20% of all green stats. In total I only get 1.7k hp / 2k mp / 1k DFS / 450 SD  and 400 SA. Even though it was a fun experience to make this pet, getting this type of stats for 100b is just not worth it.

Since pets are a pretty big part of AO now because of the Pet Amplify System, I hope this guide will help you become stronger and that you wont make the same mistakes I made and waste a lot of time and money.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or mail me in Pandora. I'd rather not get too many pms because I am AFK most of the time and while leveling my chat gets spammed with no mp and no sp. Chances are high I wont even see your message. If you need help in making high star pets then u can use this thread to ask for advice. If u have any tips for me then i'd be happy hear you out :)

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for some reason my post got messed up. I will fix this asap sorry.

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Nerd <3

Nice guide

DenAssian Lv 328
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Nice guide!!
I'll share a bit of extra knowledge I've obtained from my own experience:  

- Predicting the stats you'll get from fusing X assistant pet into a main pet is very simple. The main pet will always get the 3 stats with the highest star level from the assistant pet, as long as the main pet hasn't reached one of those stats' limit already. Intensifying a pet more times can make the stats you'll get from fusing change. When two stats have the same star level, the one with the highest green bonus "wins". This makes spell attack to be easily left out because of other stats' green bonus being higher at the same star level. That's the reason why, as you stated, naughty souls may give sd instead of sa based on their ints/rarity.

- While it's true that a pet could hypothetically reach 8.0* in a single stat, that's sadly not the case, because there's a limit to fusing a single stat into a pet unless its star level increases all around. That's the reason you don't get agi/rig while fusing pets, although it is possible if your main pet's agi/rig star level is not so high compared to the others (feel free to test this xD).

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Nice and detailed guide.. Very helpful.

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This was very helpful for me, considering I left AO before this pet fusion stuff..
So thank you! from one pet lover to another <3

Oh and, stupid question, if the main pet I want to fuse is at 0 rest times (bound) to a character and I shapeshift fuse into another pet, will the rest remain 0 or reset to 3? I have an old pet stuck on a different character. (an abc'd drake pet)..wish I could put it on a different character. :/

(old char.) Zora
server: Zeus

(new char.) Loaleth
server: Pandora
Lvl: 77
Faction: Steel