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[Guides and Tutorials] Here lies Satrixia (Magma instance quests)

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Yes, it is actually possible to finish it especially with the current merger angel buff.
Keep in mind these bosses got some insane stats and take a long time to kill.
The bosses all got the same stats and they are as following:
Name                 Level     HP(yes 1.1b)               Attack     Defence SA        SD        Agro     Exp

As you can see they got 1.1b HP and are very resistent to mages.
link to the stats 

Quest nameNPCMapRequirement(s)
Banish the Monsters! Elder Howld Whitefang Village Lvl 200+
The Elusive Delicacy PhilFragrant Courtyard Lvl 200+
Revive the Hot Spring Mr.Soup Sleepy Spring Lvl 200+
Recover the ArtifactSeer Zeon Razorex Temple Lvl 200+
The Marine Biologist Biologist Charles Transient Waters Lvl 200+
The Menacing Intruder Furnace Gaurd Sander Whitefang Village Finish Main quest
Defeat the Evil Warrior Wolfie Razorex Temple – Finish Main quest
Wraith of the Goddess Firefae Feena Sleepy Spring Finish Main quest

I have divided the map into several parts to make it easier to find the mob you’re looking for.
Note: you can finish all quests in 1run.

Banish the Monsters!
1. Kill 15 Lava Mudmon and 15 Bunsen Mudmon. These mobs are at the entrance and shouldn’t cause any trouble.

2. Return to Elder Howld
Rewards: 10.500.000.000 Exp 35.000 Credits 10.000.000 Gold

The Elusive Delicacy
1. Kill 20 Mintihot Dogs. These mobs are Close to Satrixia and can be hard if you dont watch where you’re going. This is the case since there is lava on the floor that causes 50k damage if you step on it.

2. Return to Phil
Rewards: 10.500.000.000 Exp 35.000 Credits 10.000.000 Gold

Revive the Hot Spring
1. Kill 30 Nyanhell Knights. These mobs are located after the 1st boss and are rather easy.

2. Return to Mr.Soup
Rewards: 10.500.000.000 Exp 35.000 Credits 10.000.000 Gold

Recover the Artifact
1. Kill 20 Fiery Chirizards. These mobs are located after the Mudmon. They dont posses any danger by themselves,but Cruzadizard(Sub-boss) can.

2. Return to Seer Zeon
Rewards: 10.500.000.000 Exp 35.000 Credits 10.000.000 Gold

The Marine Biologist
1. Kill 30 Beetlesap Dukes or Saucy Crabbadads. These mobs are located after the 2nd boss and before the entrance to Satrixia, once again watch out for the lava.

2. Return to Biologist Charles
Rewards: 10.500.000.000 Exp 35.000 Credits 10.000.000 Gold

The Menacing Intruder
1. Kill
Infernal Lavamon. This is the first boss and he’s a pain in the ass(as are all 3 of the bosses). He can use Explosive Shell V, apart from it dealing insane damage(122k atk is bound to hurt) it also has a high crit rate which makes it harder. After getting the boss to 50% hp he will spawn exploding slarms. Try to stay away from them(swiftness for chaos mages works). It is best to keep 1person outside the bosses gate, by doing this it will try to kill that person(it cant) and thus it won’t regen any hp.

2. Return to Furnace Gaurd Sander
Rewards: Exp 70.000 Credits 20.500.000 Gold

Defeat the Evil
1. Kill the
Corrupted Razorex. This is the 2nd boss and the easiest one in my opinion but also the coolest looking one. Same strategy,keep someone at the gate. This boss seems to be rather blind, you can have 2people inside his room without him attacking them since he wants the one outside. This sadly changes when you attack him. For this boss: don’t stay near him when he talks or you’ll die,simple as that.

2. Return to Warrior Wolfie
Rewards: Exp 105.000 Credits 30.750.000 Gold

Wraith of the Goddess
1. Kill
Satrixia. Last boss,the uber bitch. This boss is by far the strongest,you actually need someone active at the gate. She oftens drops Firan(bomb mobs) and they can be dropped on you even if you’re outside the gate. She is pretty much a demolition expert,she makes the whole room explode, aoe drops but also in the foxfire way from the 1st sakura instance boss. There are spots to avoid it but they change so pay attention to it.

2. Return to Firefae Feena
Rewards: Exp 175.000 Credits 51.250.000 Gold

Total Rewards: 162.500.000.000 Exp 525.000 Credits 152.500.000 Gold
Sadly the title is bugged for now.

Mucho Mucho thanks to Baam(for doing 90% of the damage), ZoroXD(for the remainder of the damage+revives/heals) and Yohn(for being our gate nub).

AM rules!!

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Yohn the gate nub,aprove it!8-)8-)8-)

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Maybe we will do arcana if second boss killable lmao

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Pegasus also killed her :D

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Real ara/chay/inu/nataliax/tanko
Arcana Boss