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[Guides and Tutorials] Earth Goddess's Seclusion(Sylvan instance quests)

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Quest name NPC Map Requirement(s)
Floral Maze Young Greenie Joaquin(North-North-East) Unknown
Pride and Freedom
Frost Bears Mercenary Corps' Dmitri Drip-drop Passage(South-West) Unknown
Armored Help
Frost Bears Mercenary Corps' Kayusha Drip-drop Passage(South-West) Unknown
War Song
Warrior Leford Floral Palace(Entrance) Unknown
Eco Destroyer
Bombabi Joaquin(North) Complete Sylvan Main Quest
Captain Yelos Sylvan Gardens(South-East) Complete Sylvan Main Quest
Goddess' Refuge
Roselia Drip-drop Passage(North-North-West) Complete Sylvan Main Quest
The Crisis
Botanist Knowles Drip-drop Passage Unknown

I have divided the map into different colours to make it easier to search. The colour will be behind the mobs name in brackets( ). Circles with colour in the middle as well are bosses. You will have to run certain parts twice to finish all quests.
When the quest says Elite it actually means Elite

Floral Maze
1. Go to Central Parterre, North Parterre, East Parterre and South Parterre.
This part is really annoying,the mobs respawn and the portals dont go as you hope. The corners,the middle and the first place have normal portals. All other ones are random,most of them go the opposite direction, North goes South etc. this doesnt go for all of them though.
2. Return to Greenie
Rewards: Exp 20.000 Credits 7.500.000 Gold

Pride and Freedom
1. Defeat 40 Eightwings(Blue)

2. Return to Dimitri
Rewards: Exp 25.000 Credits 6.000.000 Gold

Armored Help
1. Defeat 25 Rainbow Ferns and 20 Bihorn Crocodiles(Green)

2. Return to Kayusha
Rewards: exp 30.000 Credits 8.000.000 Gold

War Song
1. Defeat 35 Elite – Bouncy Leafballs(Purple)

2. Return to Leford
Rewards: Exp 35.000 Credits 12.000.000 Gold

Eco Destroyer
1. Defeat Razor Jabberku(Green)

2. Return to Bombabi
Rewards: 12.500.000.000 Exp 60.000 Credits 15.000.000 Gold

1. Defeat Queen Franca(Purple)

2. Return to Yelos
Rewards: Exp 90.000 Credits 17.500.000 Gold

Goddess' Refuge
1. Defeat Earth Goddess Rea(Brown)
This boss can be a pain in the ass. She drops a multi AOE attack, your best chance of survival is to stand in the North-Eastern corner since you will only get hit from 1AOE there.
Advice: Takes some revives with you

2. Return to Roselia
Rewards: Exp 150.000 Credits 20.000.000 Gold

The Crisis
1. Defeat 30 Elite- Turret Plants(Brown)

2. Return to Knowles
Rewards: Exp 30.000 Credits 12.500.000 Gold

Total Rewards: 91.500.000.000 Exp 440.000 Credits 98.500.000 Gold

Mucho mucho thanks to my partner in crime Baam.