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[Guides and Tutorials] [Guide] Skilling Without Animation

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Posted on 2016-12-27 07:56:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Many People in Chronos have been wondering how to skill without moving or How to skill without Animations

So i tried alot of old tricks and Finnaly i got Something which looks like it

All You Need is a 

1. Shapeshift
2. Demonic Counter lvl 100 Stance
3. Freshman Fishing Rod [ Very Important ]

Other Info:
1. In Chronos This trick is very popular [ this was performed by a person BlackCleaver]
2. Anyhow i cant do the same like blackcleaver but i tried my own method and it worked 
3. And yea it wont give u any skill exp as u will be using Freshman Fishing Rod 
4. So This is just for show off, idk black's method but this looks same like him


1. Equip The FreshmanFishing Rod
2. Bug the shapeshift you want with Demonic Counter [ Ima write how to bug it at last]
3. and Use The Skills u wont see any animations 
4. This will not work with mage skills iam sorry for that :(
5. Done.

Bugging the Shapeshift

1. Get the Shapeshift you want to Bug [Earth spells also work eg: vasuki,wolf,bear,etc not anubis]
2. And the complicate thing is You gotta use Demonic counter and Shapeshift and once to bug it
3. Keep trying it untill it works :D 

I know the trick mentioned above is pretty useless but it looks cool to skill without animation

Method by Frostwind 

It matters!