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[General Discussion] Shuwa Instance Guide

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Posted on 2015-11-06 06:40:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Stats requirement:
150k hp
60k+ attack if your warrior
40k+ sa if your mage
40k def
30k sd

>>>First boss has no major tactic. anyone <40k defence and < 100k hp solo or in a team tanking should try to hit and run as his crits hits 50k~
Anyone with the minimum requirement can just use ab to kill it as it takes a while to bring him down.
Note: This boss also runs faster than usain bolt.

>>>Second boss or the 3 headed blue elephant will be a challenge. To open his door, you need to press an elephant statue near to the boss
-His first skill is invincibility. Anyone fought sakura second boss should know this. He becomes immune to everything for 5 seconds except critical infection (someone said it's fixed here but idk). He will unleased 3 rumble barrage in a row. Try not to tank as the crit hits up to 70k.
-Second skill is Explosive Shell. anyone with <24k sd is guaranteed 1 hit ko.
-The third skill is Rage Armor. He will collect damage and then unleashed it.
-Fourth skill would be Angry Charge followed by a stun.

>>>Third boss has a puzzle where it will ask 3 questions. click 1,2,2 and the gate to final boss will be unlocked.
-First skill is similar to bloody hoof of floating instance. He will summon multiple(5+) purple pillars. After 5 seconds, multiple thunders will hit over 88k each. Not sure if higher thunder defence will reduce its damage.
-> The best way to counter the purple pillar is to have axe user spam rumble barrage (or primal roar but this shd be for 220+ players anyway) and berserker fury.
-Second skill would be the 3 statue. I dont even know what it does yet but just destroy it.
-Final skill is when he summons 5 small black minions to aid him. Kill it quickly or else... i dont know too because me and my friend 1 hit them >_>

good luck and enjoy fruit drops and achievement for killing last boss.