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[Guides and Tutorials] earth/wraith/melee skilling

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hi therethis is my utimate skilling guide for earth/wraith mages with a melee skill

decent amount of sa and mp
wraith: forbidden curse(4 or 5 preffered)
earth:stealth 1-4 optional:regeneration and life vine.
melee skill i had spear for this,but sword and axe should be fine as well,not sure for bow and sb.
assault with shadow meld 4 or killer intent 4,optional is curse to shorten casting even more.
so here's what you need to do:
find yourself a busy jackstraw they are in league terra and in the free terra's.
take off your trinkets(unless skill balls),armor. so that all you have left is a weap,badge and ride(and pd ofc)
set yourself to use forbidden curse on the jackstraw in 1st,common and final atk slot in sp slot you can place a skill as well,i used crazy roar there.
you can also set a skill in:if x amount enemy attack use:. i had energy roar there. if you use a skill in sp slot then make sure to regen 1sp if your hp is above 90% or something.
next tab:assist tab
start your auto assist skills with shadow meld/killer intent,then put regen skills if you use those then everything else you want in there.
the most important skills to spam in auto assist are recovery shield and fury attack,since they counter each other you will keep using them.
continue to the when hp/mp/sp below x% put all on 100%. put stealth 1,2,3,4 in use when hp/mp below 100%,put 2melee skill in the other slots,you can use mage skills ofc but those take longer to cast.
then you also have the option to use 2more skills,deploy a pet with at least lvl 15,it needs lvl 15 to be able to use mp. place skills in help pet when hp/mp below 100%.

to give an indication of how fast this is: i get almost 47k exp per hour in a luxury skill ball. that means i can fill it in about 6hours and 25minutes.

hope you found this helpfull,if anyone has any questions,suggestions or other comments then feel free to place them below

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Pro pro pro

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No rebound?  In HP less than ?

Mackie  222

Alan J. Mackie
Posted on 2015-10-20 11:57:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

rebound takes longer to cast than the spear buffs,and got rebound 5 in my basic buffs,dont want to mess that up too much XD