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[Guides and Tutorials] jade tassel city quests(sakura instance)

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be sure to take a healer with you(for king ashuro). also your team should(my opinion) contain at least 1 mage and 1melee players.the elites and king oni have high sd for which you need either around 17k sa or a strong melee player. the mage is for most of the mobs and the bosses ofcourse since most mages have forbidden curse and can regen on the bosses.
the instance is a pain in the ass,its,big,rather complex and has time limited stuff in it as well,so before attempting to investigate the whole instance i recommend watching a video on it. for example: this vid might be from alo but the instance is the same.


Antler Powder
Chihiko in SamaraWoods

1.kill50Megaantler deers
2.return toChihiko

Rewards: exp 32.000credits 5.400.000 gold

Palace Cuisine
Yondai in Edo City

1.find thebox(174,32)

2.kill 50MintyRiceballs and 50 Tea Tako Sushi.

3.give theingredients to Yondai

Rewards: 1.700.000.000 exp 34.500credits 6.800.000 gold

Monkey Buddy
Miyuki in JoyFestival

1.kill 25HotSpring Monkeys and 25 Bigfist Monkeys

2.return to Miyuki

Rewards: 2.300.000.000 exp 37.000credits 8.100.000 gold

Enchanting Chime
Musashi in sakuravalley
1.kill50Soulcatcher Foxes

2.find Yuko insidethe secret chamber

3.return tomusashi

Rewards: 2.300.000.000 exp 39.500credits 8.100.000 gold        

A Missing Pal
Onmyouji Kishi inhot spring resort

2.return toOnmyouji Kishi

Rewards: 2.550.000.000 exp 42.000credits 8.800.000 gold

Spiritual Freedom
Momotaro in foxshrine

1.defeat TyrantKing Oni
2.return toMomotaro

Rewards: 2.800.000.000 exp 44.500credits 9.500.000 gold

Strange Friendships
Tohru in foxshrine
1.defeat FoxSpirit Tamamo
2.return to Tohru

Rewards: exp 47.000credits 11.200.000 gold

Tyrant's End
Kamakura in ninjaland
1.kill King Ashuro
2.return toKamakura

Rewards: 3.600.000.000 exp 50.000credits 13.500.000 gold

Total Rewards: 19.600.000.000 exp326.500 credits 71.400.000 gold

Special thanks to Hitmanreborn,Love™ and Faeryall and smaller thanks to razoredge for the info about the box XD

if you have any questions,comments,pictures to add(couldnt take pic of all) feel free to comment it below

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nice men ty for the info.cute5rabbit /Rhuli17

Posted on 2015-08-17 23:49:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

We can do this once I get back from vacation >.o :) nice "guide" thingy though :o ~~

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wow pro video o.o

tbh 20k sa for mobs, 25k sa for boss
dont bring healers near king ashuro or his paper mob goes outside the room and kill ur healers. :/

Posted on 2015-08-18 12:50:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

pro video indeed XD.
i think our person with highest sa doesnt have 20k sa,only if you add the %buffs from trinks etc with it.
we used a healer and it didnt die,if 1person dies just bring healer in quick,revive,run to empty corner and leave it there.
paper mobs are fantastic for wraith mages since they have rather low sd so you can regen all hp/mp on them

Posted on 2017-06-29 07:05:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

how about fighter chars? my build is axe/wraith/spear/res/assault/mantle and i'm brining healer. my lvl is 250 and got attack of 54k. but still, can't defeat the nine tailed fox boss