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[General Discussion] BAYAN MAIN QUEST

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Main Quest Guide : Bayan

Level Requirement : 170
Instance Related Quests : None

Total Experience Awarded : 63,000,000,000
Total Credits Awarded : 260,000
Total Gold Awarded : 44,000,000

Color Code :
Bosses are in Red
Mobs are in Blue
Maps and Co-ordinates are in Italics
NPCs are in Green

Important Side-notes :
1. Monsters, NPCs and interact-able items will be on same map unless stated otherwise.
2. Locations of bosses will be given in brackets[] with the name of the mob you can find them lurking within. This makes finding the boss easier than giving co-ordinates.
3. All mobs are aggressive.
4. Elites are non-aggressive. However, they are extremely strong so try and be in their good books.
5. Elites do not count in the kills.

Quest Number One : Mysterious City

1. Talk to Mysterious Monk in each faction's main city.

Aurora City : (273,98)    }
Dark City : (311,122)      }  Near Felika, Raziel
Iron Castle :              }   and other similar NPCs
Breeze Woods : (161,138)  }

2. Travel to Shuwa Market and speak to Nadora. She's in the northwestern part of the map.

3. Kill 200 Navy Seal and 200 Mutated Pink Fruit.

4. Report back to Nadora.

5. Kill Captain Banjeowl[Mob : Softy Navy]

6. Report back to Nadora.

7. Defeat Lifeguard Orklo[Mob : Clumsy Croc]

8. Report back to Nadora. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 6,870,000,000
Credits : 26,500
Gold : 4,650,000

Quest Number Two : Hidden Evil

1. Take the southwestern exit from Shuwa Market and go to Mariam Waterway. Once there, speak to Sage Jude.

2. Kill 200 Pastel Baby Seal.

3. Report back to Sage Jude.

4. Kill Sapphire Boy till you get 200 Energy Orbs.

5. Report back to Sage Jude

6. Toss the energy orb into the waterway. This can be seen as Mid Waterway on the map.

7. Report back to Sage Jude. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 7,950,000,000
Credits : 29,500
Gold : 5,300,000

Quest Number Three : Buried Orb

1. Defeat Treasure Pearl Carly[Mob : Sapphire Boy]

2. Report to Sage Jude.

3. Take the northern exit at Mariam Waterway to reach Bayan Village. Once there, speak to Monk Zander.

4. Kill Playful Elephant till you get prayer beads.

5. Report back to Monk Zander.

6. Collect Millennium Water from Deserted Ruins.

7. Report back to Monk Zander at Bayan Village. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 9,850,000,000
Credits : 37,000
Gold : 6,730,000

Quest Number Four : 1000 Year Prophecy

1. Take the northwestern exit at Bayan Village to go to the Deserted Ruins. Once there, kill three bosses to get three rune orbs.
Hint : If you're struggling to kill all the bosses, I suggest you camp the Elephant Buerobo[Mob : Festival Elephant]. This is because he is in a somewhat secluded zone, away from most of the mobs. However, he deals some serious damage, so make sure you have revival scrolls ready.

2. Take the southern exit from the Deserted Ruins and report to Monk Zander at Bayan Village

3. Take the northeastern exit at Bayan Village and head to Siam Square. Once there, speak to Eunice in the south-eastern part of the map.

4. Kill 200 Gravel Clam and 200 Floe Elf till you get all the drops.

5. Report back to Eunice. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 11,850,000,000
Credits : 45,000
Gold : 8,380,000

Quest Number Five : Dispelling Magic

1. Go back to Bayan Village through the western exit and speak to Eunitta. Note that she is in the midst of aggressive mobs.

2. Take the southwestern exit and head to Miriam Waterway. Once there, speak to Sage Jude.

3. Kill 200 Rainbow Fowl at Miriam Waterway and 200 Madam Purple Jade at Shuwa Market till you get the drops.

4. Report back to Sage Jude.

5. Take the northwestern exit and head to Bayan Village. Once there, speak to Monk Zander.

6. Kill Fleecy Spider and Tuff Elf till you get the drops.

7. Report back to Monk Zander.

Experience : 12,800,000,000
Credits : 52,000
Gold : 8,970,000

Quest Number Five : Age of Peace
1. Go back to Siam Square and interact with the magic formation. It's in the northeastern part of the map, just outside the instance entrance.

2. Defeat Magician Foream[Mob : Fiery Torcher ] and 200 Deathly Torcher.

3. Go back to the magic formation and interact with it again.

4. Report back to Monder Zander at Bayan Village. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 13,680,000,000
Credits : 70,000
Gold : 9,970,000

That concludes the guide! Hope you found it useful, and if you have any questions, feel free to post them here! ^_^

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Thread bump : Guide is finished.

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Wait, those are the bugged lions, and the boss, or both are bugged ?

Posted on 2015-05-16 11:34:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

The lion boss is bugged in the sense that even if you use a stealth ring, if you get close to him, he will detect you.

The deathly torchers aren't exactly bugged. The only problem is a white/red/purple screen that keeps appearing without any set pattern when you try to kill them. It's inconsistent, and I've no idea what causes the glitch.

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Some people said they can do you log out, or dc, and kill you while you are in dc mode

Posted on 2015-05-17 10:27:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Didn't happen to me. Maybe the dc issue was fixed.

Posted on 2015-05-17 12:48:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

Did you went to the bayan maps to the first time this was released ?

Posted on 2015-05-19 11:09:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

I didn't try camping the lions as soon as the expansion was released. I only got around to killing them the day I finished this guide, and I didn't disconnect the entire time I was trying to kill them. Like I said, only a white screen shows up in the center sometimes. The disconnect issue was probably either fixed, or was being caused by some other sub-reason.

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Where's his karma D:YC-Monkey173 YC-Monkey173 YC-Monkey173 YC-Monkey173 YC-Monkey173 YC-Monkey173 YC-Monkey173

P.S it should be called Shuwa Main Quest, not Bayan :3

Pegasus and Chronos
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TYVM <3 YC-Monkey186 YC-Monkey186 YC-Monkey186 YC-Monkey186