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[Guides and Tutorials] droplist sequoia and bayan

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hello everyoneas you all know there exist no droplists for the expansions of sequoia and bayan yet.
ztyle decided to make one but he cant do this alone. several people are helping atm but yet its still a lot of work.
if everyone gets 1 drop and takes the time to post it here(if it aint already posted) then it would be a big help.
this is what we got so far if anyone finds a new drop you can post here,pm me here, pm/mail ztyle or me(superstan) in game(chronos) or message me on fb: angel superstanEDIT:added fruits/pots(thanks to blyzzard2)
Sweet Orchard
carrot boy
145vestment gloves and 145 shadowblade
radish boy
145mantle gloves(thanks to gatobros910)
violet grassball
140 hammer
warm grassball
140shield(thanks to gatobros910)
cavendish dancer
140 garment gloves
dacca dancer
145mantle shoes(thanks to gatobros910)
grassland sheep
140 sword
lavender sheep
140garment shoes(thanks to gatobros910)
glow frog
140spear(thanks to gatobros910),140vestment shoes(thanks to gatobros910)
pastel frog
140mantle gloves
Boss:blue grass king S

150mantle gloves,150vestment body and 150 bow
Boss:general Gerard
150spear,150mantle helm ultra magic fruit,150vestment helm(thanks to gatobros910)

Boss:magical harp
150staff and 150 mantle body(thanks to gatobros910),150garment helm(thanks to perfume37)

fruity village
clover elf
160 bow and 160 garment hand
blue grass elf
160 garment helm and vestment helm
maroon crab
150 trinket
olive crab
150mantle shoes and 150 sword
tropical Owl
155 garment shoes

leaf owl
155mantle shoes(thanks to gatobros910)
dull spider
150 garment shoes
blond spider
150 vestment shoes,150 shield, 155armor recipe(for 150shield)
shy ant
160 hammer and 160 vestment gloves,160mantle helm,160green rune
boss:red elf poppy
170 mantle body and 170 bow(thanks to gatobros910) and 175armor recipe for 170garment boots ultra agility potion
Boss:black widow Barri
160mantle gloves and 160 vestment body,ultra evil fruit,160staff(thanks to gatobros910),sew plan for lvl 160vest body(thanks to gatobros910)
Boss:crab gabe
160 trinket(thanks to perfume37) 160sword(thanks to gatobros910) ultra target potion,160garment body(thanks to gatobros910)

Jade Garden
kung bamboo
170 spear
Fu bamboo
170 vestment gloveshalf
cooked corn
165mantle boots,165garm gloves,165vest boots(thanks to soldier888)
kiwi porcupine
175 vestment gloves(thanks to gamo_pro)

golden porcupine
175 sword(thanks to gamo_pro),175mantle gloves(thanks to soldier888) also 175vestment and garment boots(thanks to gatobros910)
sobbing onion
170trinket and 170 mantle gloves
wailing onion
170 vestment shoes
blue mushiroom
170 garm gloves,170 cape
red mushiroom

Boss: diamond Wang
180 garment gloves and 180 cape(thanks to addy) 180 bow(thanks to blyzzard2) ultra mighty fruit(atk)
Boss: mr know it all
170 staff and 170mantle helm(thanks to addy) ultra healing potion,170garment body(thanks to gatobros910)

Boss: officer ryaon
ultra magic potion and 180trinket(thanks to perfume37),180garment body(thanks to gatobros910),180 sword(thanks to gatobros910)

Luscious grange
rainbow owl
185 sword 185 vestment shoes 185shadowblade
Mutated Chimera
185 garment shoes
185 mantle gloves
twin-head chimera
185 vestment gloves,185 mantle shoes
blueberry baby
180 vestment shoes
sweetie jam
180 mantle body(thanks to sxjsxj01)

sweetie honey
180shield(thanks to kubusiowy1994)
berry owl
185 garment gloves
blueberry baby

180 hammer
190 vestment helm 190 spear ultra evil fruit
190vestment gloves and 190 bow(thanks to addy) ultra magic fruit
190staff(thanks to dark496),190 garm helm(thanks to gatobros910)

Branch Way

chef corrat
190 cape and 190mantle gloves(thanks to toughfly)
jade lion
190 shadowblade, 190 garment shoes,190 red rune(thanks to toughfly)
cook corrat
shield 190,190 mantle shoes,190 purple rune(thanks to toughfly)
sunflower resident
190 mantle helm(thanks to blyzzard2)

autumn deerman
190 hammer and 190green gem(thanks to warlordken15)

brutal ape
190vestment body and 190 trinket(thanks to blyzzard2)
coldhearted ape

190 garment body(thanks to a4uuu) and 190 mantle body(thanks to addy) 190green rune(thanks to dark496)
Boss:king Garuma
200staff(thanks to a4uuu) and 200 garment body(thanks to addy) ultra healing potion,190purple rune(thanks to willkoiv)
Boss: leader ulala
200 bow and 200 vestment helm(thanks to blyzzard2)
Boss:king merdel
200sword,and 200mantle boots(thanks to dark496)

Lost Trail

crying red onion
200 vestment gloves and 190yellow rune
banana diva
spear 200 and 190blue gem(thanks to bleru)
ranana diva
200 mantle helm,200mantle gloves 190purple gem(thanks to bleru)
moody crocodile
200shadowblade and 190 orange gem(thanks to elaoksan)

greenfruit porcupine
200 shield and 200 garment boots(thanks to birdman) and 190orange rune(thanks to afrhody)
crying red onion

200vestment gloves(thanks to buczo2)
red porcupine(need name)

200 hammer(thanks to buczo2)
Boss: oliveback croc gulio
210 bow and 190 green gem(thanks to bryansangel1) 210 mantle helm(thanks to dark496)
Boss:pop diva camara
210 sword and 210vestment helm(thanks to addy)
Boss:Assassin bamboo cin

210staff(thanks to dream3r0ula),210garment body(tanks to elaoksan)

buzzing stopover

shy bee
200 garment helm(thanks to manteguinha3)
aromatic honey
210mantle gloves(thanks to kamakazee) and 190 red gem(thanks to bleru)
pastel elf
210 vestment gloves(thanks to elaoksan)

yellow elf(need name)
210 shield
fresh mint jar
210 vestment body(thanks to elaoksan)
sunflowerian samurai

210spear(thanks to bryansangel1)
Boss:red lightning we
220 garment body(thanks to elaoksan),220hammer(thanks to dark496),220mantle helm(thanks to dark496)
Boss:ant warrior jack

220 bow(thanks to mee08251),220garment boots(thanks to dark496),220mantle boots(thanks to soldier888)
Boss:Royal Honey Tress
220staff(thanks to dark496)

Mariam waterway

deep sea crocodile
180 mantle helm
pastel baby seal
180garment gloves(thanks to gatobros910)
dream fowl
180 vest gloves and 180 mantle boots(thanks to addy)
elite-red bird(need name)
180 bow and 180armor tix(thanks to fredys23)
Boss:winged devil
190 cape(thanks to
Boss:king raoa
190 trinket(thanks to sxjsxj01)

Boss:treasure pearl carly
190shield(thanks to dark496)

Shuwa Market

mutated pink fruit
190 mantle glove(thanks to blaxe/allainluckyboss)

luminous pearly
190mantle body(thanks to soldier888)
190 garment shoes(thanks to blaxe)
madam purple jade
190 mantle shoes and 190 orange rune(thanks to blaxe)
elite-baby croc

190shadowblade,190 staff(probably only a-class/good) and 190armor tickets/vouchers(thanks to charina15)
elite-poisonous luminous

190 bow(thanks to charina15)
190 hammer,190 purple gem (thanks to tamchy)C.Plan2:Isis' Gift (plan for 190s staff)(thanks to fredys23)
elite-softy navy
190 sword and weapon plan for 190sword(thanks to mirsith)

Bayan village
Pastel elephants
200 vestment helmet and 200 vestment gloves(thanks to dream3r0ula) and 200 blue gem(thanks to bleru)

flurry or fleecy spider
200 orange gem(thanks to
furry spiders
200garm helmet(s class,thanks to afrhody)
200purple gem(thanks to elaoksan)

Deserted ruins
yaksha camper
200 blue gem(thanks to elaoksan),220a vest gloves(thanks to perfume37/gyovanny)
royal purple spider
200 red rune(thanks to gyovanny)

Siam Square
gravel clam
200purple gem(thanks to gyovanny)

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omg you deserve a lot of karma :o

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no i dont,this was made by multiple players,wouldnt be fair to give 1 person karma for iti want my karma when i can make quest guides again XD

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Oliveback Croc Gulio from lost trail drops 210 bow,190 green gem, Sunflowerian Samurai drops 210 spear

the sunflower boss name is Leader Ulala

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Pegasus and Chronos
Posted on 2015-05-02 16:23:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

Red el poppy also drops 170 bow :/
General gerald 150 spear and Crab Gabe 160 Sword

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sunflowerian samurai is from what map?

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Buzzing stopover

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In Mariam waterway, in new Bayan maps, Winged devil (black bird boss) drops 190 cape called Eagles feather and King Raoa (purple elephant boss) drops 190 trinket which I forgot the name. In Bayan Village either the Furry or Fleecy Spiders drop lv 200 orange gem.

In Sequoia maps, the Sweetie jams drop 180 mantle body.

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Level 288
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*King Raoa , and 190 trinket is named Book of wisdom ab and Tot secret code S

Posted on 2015-05-02 18:33:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for correction, I knew I was missing something xD

Level 288