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[Guides and Tutorials] SEQUOIA MAIN QUEST

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Main Quest Guide : Sequoia

Level Requirement : 115
Instance Related Quests : None

Total Experience Awarded : 30,000,000,000
Total Credits Awarded : 251,500
Total Gold Awarded : 45,000,000

Color Code :
Aggressive monsters are in Red
Normal monsters are in Blue
Bosses are in Bold.
Maps and Co-ordinates are in Italics
NPCs are in Green

Important Side-notes :
1. Monsters, NPCs and interact-able items will be on same map unless stated otherwise.
2. Locations of bosses will be given in brackets[] with the name of the mob you can find them lurking within. This makes finding the boss easier than giving co-ordinates.
3. Elites are present, but this time, they are not colored differently from the mobs they belong to. Therefore, be wary of using aoe attacks, especially if you're weak.
4. Check the list below if you wish to complete the quests without necessarily having to interact with aggressive mobs.
5. Elites do not count in the kills.

Aggressive Mobs List by Map :
Sweet Orchard : Lavender Sheep, Grassland Sheep
Fruity Village : Olive Crab, Maroon Crab
Jade Garden : Red Mushiroom, Blue Mushiroom, Sobbing Onion, Wailing Onion
Luscious Gardens : Mutated Chimera, Twin-head Chimera, Sweet Flute, Sour Flute
Branch Way : Jade Lion, Amber Lion, Sunflower Aboriginal, Sunflower Resident
Lost Trail : Sobbing Blue Onion, Crying Red Onion, Purple Woodcutter, Moody Croc, Bloody Croc, Green Woodcutter
Buzzing Stopover : Sunflowerian Samurai, Sunflowerian Warrior, Guardian Ants, Watcher Ant, Shy Bee, Passionate Bee

Quest Number One : The Fabled Land

1. Talk to Honey Peachy in each faction's main city.

Aurora City : (242,52) Southeast
Dark City : (264,60) Southeast
Iron Castle : (91,79) Northwest
Breeze Woods : (226,148) North

2. Travel to Sweet Orchard and speak to Artist Maroon. She's in the southwest part of the map.

3. Kill 200 Violet Grassball and Cavendish Dancer.

4. Report back to Maroon.

5. Collect 50 Lippy Sweets from Suspected Plants.
Note : Each plant drops 2(rarely 3) lippy sweets. Plants take approximately 40 seconds to respawn in the same spot. The locations of all the plants are given on the map below. Beware of aggressive monsters.

6. Report back to Maroon. Claim your rewards. There are two parts to this.

Experience : 750,000,000
Credits : 8,500
Gold : 1,500,000

Quest Number Two : Luscious Allure

1. Kill Carrot Boys in Sweet Orchard.

2. Report back to Maroon.

3. Go visit Scholar Taern in Fruity Village. He's in the northeast part of the map.

4. Kill Bluegrass Elves till you drop 50 stinkgrass.

5. Report back to Scholar Taern

6. Spray the neutralizer on the giant radish in the Northwest part of Sweet Orchard. This has a time limit.

7. Report back to Maroon. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 1,250,000,000
Credits : 18,000
Gold : 3,000,000

Quest Number Three : Nibbled Village

1. Visit Fruity Village and speak to Guard Rustor. He's in the northwest part of the map.

2. Kill 200 each of Shy Ant and Greedy Ant.

3. Activate barrier control. The warehouse is in the eastern part of the map and shows up on the map as "Barrier Control".

4. Report back to Guard Rustor. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 2,250,000,000
Credits : 25,000
Gold : 4,500,000

Quest Number Four : An Elegy of Jade Garden

1. Take the eastern exit from Fruity Village. Talk to Spring Peachy in Jade Garden. You'll find her right at the entrance.

2. Kill Cooked Cornie till you drop Clue.

3. Speak to Prophet Fungi in the northeastern part of the map.

4. Kill Officer Ryaon[Mob: Sobbing Onion] and 200 Sobbing Onion.

5. Report to Prophet Fungi

6. Interact with 5 plots to spray the pesticide. The locations are given on the map. Beware of aggressive monsters.

7. Report back to Prophet Fungi. Claim your rewards. This takes two steps.

Experience : 3,250,000,000
Credits : 27,500
Gold : 5,000,000

Quest Number Five : Secret of Luscious Grange

1. Go back to Fruity Village and take the northern exit to get to Luscious Grange. Once there, speak to Foreworker Jenny.

2. Kill 100 each of Blueberry Baby and Sweety Honey

3. Report back to Foreworker Jenny.

4. Go back to Fruit Village through the southern exit and speak to Scholar Taern.

5. Return to Luscious Grange and speak to Foreworker Jenny.

6. Interact with Refining Machine in the norther part of the map. A sweet ant will appear. It's originally an instance monster so it might be quite hard for you to kill. Also, beware of aggressive mobs.

7. Report back to Foreworker Jenny. Claim your rewards. This part has two steps.

Experience : 4,000,000,000
Credits : 35,000
Gold : 6,000,000

Quest Number Six : To Sequoia

1. Take the eastern exit from Luscious Grange. Once in Branch Way, speak to General Butorfie. She is close to the entrance.

2. Defeat Leader Ulala[Mob: Sunflower Resident] and 200 Sunflower Aboriginal.

3. Report back to General Butorfie.

4. Kill 200 Brutal Ape.

5. Report back to General Butorfie.

6. Take the northern exit to enter Lost Trail. Once, there, speak to General Chuckus. He's in the northeastern part of the map, next to the exit portal. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 5,000,000,000
Credits : 37,500
Gold : 7,500,000

Quest Number Seven : Traces of the King

1. Kill 200 Crying Red Onions at Lost Trail.

2. Report back to General Chuckus. To make sure you do not die on the way, keep an alt positioned near him. Teleportation books will be very useful.

3. Drops Time! Travel to three different locations apart from Lost Trail to finish this part. Kill mobs till you get 50 of each drop.

Fruity Village : Clover Elves

Jade Garden : Golden Porcupines

Branch Way : Spring Deermen

Lost Trail : Dragonfruit Porcupines

4. Take the exit next to General Chuckus. Once you're in Buzzing Stopover, speak to Maid Evearn. She's standing close to the entrance.

5. Speak to King Fruity. You'll find him in the northern part of the map. Claim your rewards.

Experience : 6,000,000,000
Credits : 40,000
Gold : 8,000,000

Quest Number Eight : Cleansing Sequoia

1. Kill 100 each of Shy Bee and Guardian Ants.

2. Report back to King Fruity.

3. Pour purifying medicine on Sequoia's Core. This is located on the southern part of the map.

3. Defeat Ant Warrior Jack[Mob: Guardian Ants] and 200 Sunflowerian Samurai.

4. Report back to King Fruity.

5. Go speak to Sequoia's Conscious in Jade Gardens. It is located in the center of the map. Beware of aggressive mobs.

6. Listen to what Sequoia's Conscious has to say to you.

6. Report back to King Fruity in Buzzing Stepover. Claims your rewards.

Experience : 7,500,000,000
Credits : 60,000
Gold : 9,500,000

That concludes the guide! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment! ^_^

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Woah really nice! Just 1 day after expansion is here, and someone already made a quest guide! Really nice! Good job!YC-Monkey165 YC-Monkey167 YC-Monkey169

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:o So fast!!

Congratz Fae!!! The guide is very nice!! :)

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Thanks guys! YC-Monkey145

I was awake all night so I thought I might as well do this.

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nice fae YC-Monkey185

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Question, will you do one for bayan expansion?

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poor people 160- , they wont be able getting this upgrading, even if they have 0.00%

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Original posted by perfume37 at 22-4-2015 06:31
Question, will you do one for bayan expansion?

I've already completed 3 parts of the Bayan main quest. I could post them in a guide but it would only be half done. Few reasons for this.

1. Part four starts in Deserted Ruins and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's EXTREMELY hard. And it's not only because ALL the mobs (excluding the elites) are aggressive.
2. There's an obscure quest where an NPC asks you to kill powerful monsters in Deserted Ruins to get three drops. I've tried all the mobs (including the elites) and I haven't got the drop yet. Bosses are not an option because they have 1-hit ko abilities.

Right now, I'm just a sitting duck. I wanted to finish Bayan as well but...IGG made them mobs too OP.

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it is not IGG lol it is UJ. And it is ok! I was just asking jaja I cant even do it atm, I hit on first mobs 1 xDD good luck with bayan quest!

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how 1 hit if you use 140z ? recovery shield ? dont you pimp sets , do you ?