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[Guides and Tutorials] starship destroyer (cowboy instance quests)

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Starship Destroyer

Heavenly Miracle
Requirements: lvl 115+
Davon in SteamTown

1.go into MundoWarship
2.kill 30 RoboticDogs and Cats

3.return to Davon

Rewards: 700.000.000 exp 30.000credits 5.500.000 gold

Cowboys and Aliens
Requirements: lvl 115+
Cowboy Matteson inYeeha bar

1.kill 35Carnivorous Flora Typa A and Titanium Brains(after the bosses)

2.return toMatteson

Rewards: 750.000.000 exp 32.500credits 6.000.000 gold

Requirements: lvl 115+
Daniel inForbidden Sector

1.kill 50 Saturnand Mars visitors(after bosses)

2.return toDaniel

Rewards: 800.000.000 exp 35.000credits 7.000.000 gold

Artificial Life
Requirements: lvl 115+
Clarke in YeehaBar
1.get theExperimental Body(92,38)

2.return to Clarke

Rewards: 750.000.000 exp 30.000credits 5.000.000 gold

Fiery Passion
Requirements: lvl 120+
Nelbo in Goldhill

1.enter the leftwing and defeat Jazone Knight

2.return to Nelbo

Rewards: 900.000.000 exp 40.000credits 10.000.000 gold

In the Nick ofTime
Requirements: lvl 120+
AdventurerVanson(292,13 at the entrance) in Mundo Warship
1.Destroy the MechBrain Galin in the right wing

2.return to Vanson

Rewards: exp 45.000credits 12.000.000 gold

Requirements: lvl 120+
Elder Dasent inSteam Town
1.defeat ET queenAylena

2.return to Dasent

Rewards: exp 50.000credits 15.000.000 gold

Total Rewards: exp 262.500 credits 60.500.000 gold
i would like to thank: Bleru,Faeryall,Zandra,stewieZz and RavenclawS2<3

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I think you forget something here ....
Guess what, was the thing of the pots dropped of the mobs for enter to fight Jazone Knight

Posted on 2015-04-17 00:48:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

i didn't forget that,i made a guide for the quest and not for the instance.
there are already guides on how the instance works so that would just be copying stuff.otherwise i would also have to add the key to opening brain galins room

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