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[Guides and Tutorials] Icy Massacre

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Edit:was finally able to finish thanks to lianUP thank you very much lian


Warm the Heart andthe Soul
Requirements: lvl 110+
Frost Princess Ashlyn in Snowball Village

1.defeat Laughing Snowball to get 20 Winter cozy packs(luck drop)

2.return to Ashlyn

Rewards: 500.000.000 exp 24.000credits 4.500.000 gold

A Traveller's Wish
Requirements: lvl 110+
Traveller Abzu in Snowball Village
1.defeat 50 Evil Frosty Gaurds

2.return to Abzu
3.kill Frozen Mech Golems(to get a luck drop)

4.return to Abzu

Rewards: 580.000.000 exp 30.000credits 5.800.000 gold

Save a Friend
Requirements: lvl 110+
Shiny Kururu in Snowball Village
1.defeat 50 Giant Sundaes to Playful Deer in Blizzaro Castle

3.return to Kururu

Rewards: 600.000.000 exp 32.000credits 5.000.000 gold

Floral Search
Requirements: lvl 110+
Miss Reiki in Subzero Market

1.find RareFlowers(lure a bomber mouse to it)

2.defeat 30 Bomber Mice
3.return to Reiki

Rewards: 630.000.000 exp 32.000credits 6.000.000 gold

Luck and Wealth
Requirements: lvl 110+
Kito in Subzero Market
1.defeat 30 Palace Ferret Priests

2.return to Kito
3.kill Palace Ferret Priests to get 10 priceless crystals(luck drop)
4.return to Kito

Rewards: 680.000.000 exp 35.000credits 7.000.000 gold

Kill the Beast
Requirements: lvl 115+
Kerston the Puppet in Silver Wing Cable Car Station

1.defeat Icewalker Anvecald

2.return to Kerston

Rewards: 750.000.000 exp 35.000credits 7.500.000 gold

Battle the IcyDragon
Requirements: lvl 115+
Deer King Troia in Silver Wing Cable Car Station
1.defeat Icy Dragon King Gaelin

2.return to Troia

Rewards: 820.000.000 exp 40.000credits 10.000.000 gold

Convey Reality
Requirements: lvl 115+
Seer Sade in Silver Wing Cable Car Station
1.defeat Frost Queen Natisse

2.return to Seer Sade

Rewards: 850.000.000 exp 45.000 credits 14.000.000 gold
Total Rewards: 5410.000.000 exp 273.000 credits 59.800.000 gold

i would like to thank:lianUP,Faeryall,love™ and ravenclawS2<3

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Well the thing i heard about that boss is she can damage you hp and mp, like the tiger in orient can, bonus she can do sr5, and she's faster than she looks
Look her stats here:

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i know the stats and stuff,the problem is she is super OP,we couldnt clear it with 4 lvl 200+ just to give you a indication

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I think their is a trick for that boss? o.o cant remember, you can watch videos in youtube. Btw cool siggy YC-Monkey162

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I said in her terrain there are those things looks like a submarine visor or something, no idea what they do, but you cant kill them.
She has sr5 and frozen star, and i said she can stole your hp and mp, that's the deal with her

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the siggy is made by RavenclawS2
i owe her a lot for that XD

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All the effort was put into into her kawaii acc in the background lol

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I wish you guys were doing it when I was doing it like two week ago. I had no one to help me :(

lol the secret to killing it is f10 i had to use it like 5-8 times to kill her

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if i get you like 10enchanted revs could you kill it for me then?

Posted on 2015-04-02 01:09:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

sure, if i'm online